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David Gleisner,
“If I were you, I’d party your rear end off," - Fitz
Maggie Harden,
Masoom cited mental health as her reason for relinquishing her position. President Christina Cilento also proposed a bill to establish a new committee for reviewing how student groups are funded.

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Mia Zanzucchi / North by Northwestern
fun fun fun
Field hockey gets back in the win column at last, and volleyball finds the win column at last.
The Reef is alive, robots understand you and the universe is ten times bigger than we thought (meaning yes, you're less important).
home again, home again
From the parade to the football game, here's NBN's photo coverage of Homecoming 2016.
weird week
NU men's soccer pulls off the upset of the year and then loses, while women's soccer continues to put up zeroes.
Mia Zanzucchi
it's happening
NU's hot start allowed them to cruise to a 10-point win over the Hoosiers on Homecoming.
Paola de Varona
justice is served
Five professionals within the sphere of reproductive health gathered at Harris Hall to discuss their experiences in the field.

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Halfway to Saturday
The Wildcats' star power can overshadow the reason why NU is scoring more points - the drastic improvement of the offensive line.
This is not a study abroad blog
When a sign in a bathroom stall reminds you that you miss your Evanston home a lot
This is not a study abroad blog
Despite Hannah's excitement for the great delicacies of Chile, she arrived to find her food bland and covered in the egg-y condiment.
This is not a study abroad blog
In another installation of this non-blog, a student shares how important health is when abroad, and how hard it can be when your health fails on you.
Stacy and Stern
Let this dynamic duo fill you in on the best of what's showing at Evanston Cinemark now.
This is not a study abroad blog
The third installation in the Not a Study Abroad Blog series addresses answering the dreaded question of how things are going when they're not tip-top
This is not a study abroad blog
In the second installation of this non-blog, NU study abroad students reveal differences between expectations and reality when living in new countries.
Halfway to Saturday
Northwestern is the most unpredictable team in college football. We explore the possible reasons why.

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