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We asked 25 female and 25 male dancers during Block 8 whether they'd like to take a shower or have ...

In the third installation of NU Trivia, we tested the wits and brains of Northwestern's youngest fans. They're not Millennials — they're children.

Watch the weekend unfold as seen by the band that rallied the spirit, the fans who carried it on and the broadcasters who showed it all to the world.

Northwestern Spanish professor Rifka Cook tells the story how she met her husband.

Christophe Haubursin,

The dystopian thriller The Purge hits theaters June 7, but disappoints with its unfulfilled social commentary about the future of America in 2022.

Find out what it's like to act in, direct or pull strings behind the scenes of this year's Waa-Mu show, Flying Home.

Watch the promotional video North by Northwestern editors made to pump up the more than 1,000 dancers in the tent for DM 2013.

To these Northwestern athletes, it's about more than just some downtime in the quad.

Along the Sheridan stretch, there's a whole world of awkward.

How does your NU knowledge stack up to alums from different decades?

Freshmen roommates Casey Kendall and Jonathan Bauerfeld build a ball pit in their 1835 Hinman room.