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Steam Heat brings classic musical show tunes to life through dance and song

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The Cupid’s Cup allows top student entrepreneurs to compete for $100,000 in cash prizes to expand their company.

In the midst of Winter Quarter drudgery, students still found ways to relax, have fun and broaden their horizons.

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Student writers, directors and actors brought performances about their experiences of being Black in America to life Tuesday night in the university-level debut of Black Lives Black Words.

Weinberg senior Arpan Doshi crafts elaborate meals for other students out of his apartment.

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The NU wrestling team took on Indiana Hoosiers on Friday, and we got an up-close look at all of the "match day" festivities.

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Over 250,000 gathered in downtown Chicago on Saturday for the Women's March on Chicago to show support for women and marginalized groups at risk under Trump's presidency.

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Wondering how to spend Family Weekend 2016? This convenient flow chart can tell you what to do, with or without parents.