Mia Zanzucchi
Comedian Adam DeVine and director Jake Szymanski sit down at the Rock with NBN.


Sit back and relax
IFC and PHA recruitment is finally over so relax with a sub-par movie and a singing, man-eating plant.
Photo courtesy of Rinus Lammers
A Northwestern(ish) Band
Student by day, guitarist and vocalist by night: Ryan Lammers and his band, August Hotel, are taking the midwestern music scene by storm.
Virginia Nowakowski
cake it up
Embracing the Chaos, this month's exhibit in the Dittmar Gallery, is a call to slow the pursuit of milestones and to memorialize the mundane.
creative commons
entertain me
Week Two means it’s the end of Winter Recruitment, and that entertainment events are far and few between. Here are a few to hold you over till next week.
Photo by Ancheta Wis on Wikipedia. Licensed under Creative Commons.
treat yo' self
See a movie, appreciate some art and hit up the museum scene while you still have time.
need a distraction?
Pop a pair of headphones on and listen to some of these great podcasts.
A previous VP and ice cream
A 10-minute mobile play about Obama's right-hand man, written and performed by two students, makes its way across campus.
Troll Up to the Club
"Life is this fragile gift, and it’s so amazing and weird and funky, and so let’s just enjoy it."
Charlotte Hu
a scandal in the west wing
With only a week left before the presidential election, Northwestern Hillel welcomed a well-known politician to campus – albeit a fictional one.
Who knew this president and presidential candidate duo could be referenced in so many songs?
Continuing the conversation
A one-woman show about a student's experience with rape, comes to campus on Friday.
that's impressive
There wasn’t a red carpet or paparazzi, but for a group of students, the Jones Great Room turned into a movie premiere on Sunday night.
Art and the soul
The Block Museum's new exhibit examines the use of art as a means of communal mourning during the AIDS crisis.
Life, Liberty and Shia LaBeouf
"Star’s just an 18-year old girl-woman, and I’m just a 19-year old girl-woman. Both of us, and probably you as well, are trying figure out what it means to be an “adult."
Stacy Tsai
Art on Campus
The Block Museum's newest exhibit features art that straddles the border between photography and performance.

On The Blogs

Stacy and Stern
Moonlight and The Handmaiden tackle heavy issues with beautiful cinematography.
Stacy and Stern
Let this dynamic duo fill you in on the best of what's showing at Evanston Cinemark now.
This Is My Jam
Deadpool is a horrible, annoying hero, but that’s the beauty of the character and this movie.
This Is My Jam
Mayfest: Consider Fetty Wap. Only Fetty Wap.
Snapchats from DM
This Is My Jam
"Is this a dream or a trance?"
This Is My Jam
Nightcrawler is a great film in general, but for one writer who worked as a tabloid reporter, it hit pretty close to home.
This Is My Jam
Newly released biopic The Theory of Everything delves into Stephen Hawking's life and relationship.