Photo by  Erik Andersch / Courtesy of Walker Arts
If avant-garde artists had Instagrams, they might look like the Block Museum's new exhibit.


Photo by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under Creative Commons.
Representation in Hollywood
Ki Hong Lee, known for his roles in Maze Runner and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, spoke about Asian American voices in Hollywood on Saturday afternoon.
Photo by Mikel Galicia/Licensed via Creative Commons
The Black Hippy rapper and member of Kendrick Lamar's label will head festivities in three weeks.
Photo by Ethan Dlugie / North by Northwestern
"It’s a completely original story. The only source material we have is the fact that the Oregon Trail happened."
photo courtesy of The Blackout
Please Clap
The creator of Northwestern's first and only late night talk show, Chelsea Jacobson, shares tips and tricks on campus comedy.
Virginia Nowakowski
she's the man
Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night opens in Shanley Pavilion Thursday and we got a sneak peek.
Photo by amy gizienski/Licensed via Creative Commons
drink it in
"I’m supposed to embrace my “culture,” whatever that means, but am also constantly reminded by others that 'I’m the whitest Black person they know.'"
Photo by greyloch/Licensed via Creative Commons
dance time
The DJ and producer will open for Rae Sremmurd this Friday.
Share the Love
Grammy-nominated artist Mary Lambert spoke and performed at Northwestern on Tuesday night
wikimedia commons
Photo by Virginia Nowakowski / North by Northwestern Yes, we are all happy for Leo at this year's Academy Awards, ...
run the jewels fast
The acclaimed rapper and political activist will bring his unique blend of music and politics to campus in early May.
Photo by Rick Kimpel/Flickr
sitting in the waiting room
Sit and Spin's new play, Next Fall, falls at the intersection of religion and sexuality in an unusual setting for a play: an actual hospital room.
put things in the rEaR vIeW
When the author quit a student group last year, she realized that she was not alone, because Zayn, too, had ditched his crew.
It's Ear Drummers backwards, y'all.
lights, camera, journalism
Spotlight journalists Sacha Pfeiffer and Walter Robinson came to Tech to tell us a story.
Photo by Scott Robinson/Licensed via Creative Commons
let's dance
How does Fusion prepare itself for its annual spring show? Prepare yourself for "Fusion Throws A Party" with our primer.

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