“That’s the power of theater, is that you come for entertainment and you get entertainment, but what you also take away, that changes you and affects your life in ways that just normal moments can’t.”


Mia Zanzucchi / North by Northwestern
sup, sir sir?
SNL cast member and writer Michael Che headlined A&O and NSTV's stand-up show on Wednesday, but it was a 75-year-old professor who stole the show.
Photo by Daniel Christensen on Wikimedia Commons. Licensed under Creative Commons.
I Gotta Feeling...
Three seniors are showcasing their art pieces exploring ideas about identity and perspectives.
Image by Wolf Gang on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons
"La La Land" producer Jordan Horowitz spoke at NU.
sounds weirdly specific but ok
Julio Torres will open for Michael Che at A&O's spring stand-up event on Wednesday.
Photo by Bago Games on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.
you know the drill
You may not think you can make it to Reading Week, but with any one of these entertainment events, you definitely can.
Screen grab from "Clear Glass" / Catherine Yang
"Curatorial Practices"
Tired of tests and papers? You could’ve taken a class that planned a film festival for the final project instead.
Illustration by Emma Kumer / North by Northwestern
Senior-freshman friendship
NBN spoke with the Battle of the DJs winners, who perform as Onnij & Ouyang. The duo will perform before Gramatik on the main stage.
Illustration by Emma Kumer / North by Northwestern
campus celebs
NBN spoke with the leader of the Battle of the Bands winner, Prez Harris himself. His band will open the main stage, performing before Porches.
Illustration by Emma Kumer / North by Northwestern
"open your ears"
NBN spoke with Bienen junior Brock Stuessi, the general manager for WNUR, for all the details about this year’s WNUR stage lineup.
Illustration by Emma Kumer / North by Northwestern
game plan
NBN spoke to three members of Mayfest Productions to find out everything you need to know about Saturday.
Photo by David Gleisner / North by Northwestern
A story of romance, realization and a desire for independence in the Depression-era American heartland.
alums doin' things
Written by an alum, Stick Fly will bring the experiences of wealthy Black people, often overlooked in art, to NU students this weekend.
Photo by Unknown on Wikimedia Commons. Licensed under Creative Commons.
weekend update
A&O knows you love watching Saturday Night Live clips the morning after the show – now, you can watch the comedy happen live.
night of comedy
"'Follow the rats’ — that’s my new life mantra.”
..and also Dillo
Laugh at a comedy night on Monday, chill on the lakefill with The Bix musical comedians on Thursday, and throw some (choreographed) punches and kicks with Stage Combat Collective on Friday.

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