“That’s the power of theater, is that you come for entertainment and you get entertainment, but what you also take away, that changes you and affects your life in ways that just normal moments can’t.”


Emma Kumer / North by Northwestern
From R.E.M to Radiohead
No, Hootie & the Blowfish didn't make the cut.
is it springtime yet?
The event is free, and students will be able to tie-dye, make friendship bracelets and slackline.
criminal minds and coldplay
In NBNtertainment's new series, we speak with Wildcats from all walks of life about their quirky interests, and where these passions have led them.
Hank Willis Thomas, Travel light!, 1940/2015, 2015. Courtesy of the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery.
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Unbranded offers a unique view on the past century of American cultural life as told through advertising images.
Creative Commons
Markle Movie Madness
"Of course it was over-the-top and cheesy and ridiculous, as other reviews will tell you, but that was exactly what I wanted out of it"
Courtesy of Mayfest
light upon the lakefill
“They're a significantly larger opening act than we've had in recent years.”
"That’s a flamboyancy that usually is played up for a very regal effect, in this film it just feels a little lame because it’s so much more gritty and non-stylized as it would be in a posh British legacy film about 18th century lovers or something."
The Revolution Will Be Musical
"Let’s get political: Today, I’m going to recommend some of my favorite songs about political and social issues."
The comeupshow / Creative Commons
Get you
Caesar is an artist who fluidly mixes genres; from R&B to blues, he communicates themes of passion, longing and faith with nuance.
Fresh out of the oven
The Fresh Films crew reviews this week's freshest film: Tully.
lifting the curtain
We show you inside this year's production of the annual student-created musical.
Photo by Cheddar Arias / North by Northwestern
we had a ball
For almost two hours, Ty Dolla $ign entertained the crowd with some of his most known songs, along with pop hits he was featured on, such as Fifth Harmony’s “Work From Home.”
NBN graphic files
Get out the incense
Take a peaceful mental trip to your favorite coffeeshop on this week's Monday mixtape featuring intimate tracks written by classic singer-songwriters.
Cheddar Arias / North by Northwestern
Dance dance revoultion
On the show's name: "It's about seeing each other, seeing someone’s colors, seeing someone emote through dance."

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