“That’s the power of theater, is that you come for entertainment and you get entertainment, but what you also take away, that changes you and affects your life in ways that just normal moments can’t.”


Courtesy of A&O Productions
two is better than one
Critic's Choice Award-winning actress, comedian and writer Jenny Slate will perform with actor and producer Gabe Liedman in a stand-up comedy show.
Rachel Stamler-Jonas
Kiss the Person
The Little Merperson, a queer rewrite of the classic Hans Christian Andersen fable, will run Feb. 23-25
Photo by Cheddar Arias / North by Northwestern
open your eyes
Each portrait depicts a Black man in front of a solid backdrop to limit visual cues that people use to make assumptions and stereotypes.
Creative Commons
Germany's dark horse
"Dark is not only an exquisite mystery (I cannot stress how many times I literally shrieked in surprise during my binge), but an accurate portrayal of generational curses."
Karli Goldenberg
Purposeful poems
Tariq Touré and Khāled Siddīq performed to members of the Northwestern community and others in Harris Hall on Feb. 20 for Poetry with a Purpose
And the winners are...
The Oscars may be coming soon, but the Fresh Films crew recommends the real best and worst pictures of 2017.
how embarrassing
This week’s playlist focuses on my guilty pleasures, the songs that I thought I was too cool for when I was a teenager – which I was not.
Photo by Justin Curto / North by Northwestern
sticky-icky is the potion
As she sings, “I’m your favorite song,” in the hook, she’s confident, and she should be.
Photo by Mia Mamone / North by Northwestern
“God never promised me an easy life. If a hurdle comes, I will get it as an opportunity.”
Photo by Northwestern University
I want my mummy
The Block Museum’s Paint the Eyes Softer: Mummy Portraits from Roman Egypt examines ancient Egyptian funerary portraits in light of recent Northwestern research about an item in its own collection, a complete portrait mummy of a young girl.
love is in the air
From gooey ballads to pissed-off punk songs, this mixtape has something for everybody this Valentine’s Day.
Photo by Jimmy Fontaine
all night
The show takes place at SPACE in Evanston on Feb. 15.
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Waithe is the creator and executive producer of the Showtime television show The Chi, a drama series about life on the South Side.
Creative Commons
Who is she?
Learn more about the critically-acclaimed opera singer giving the commencement address in June.
Creative Commons
Mucho Ado About Something
“What if Benedick was a woman?”

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