Mia Zanzucchi
Comedian Adam DeVine and director Jake Szymanski sit down at the Rock with NBN.


time to get entertained
It’s important to take a break and see some on-campus theater, dance and even opera from the Academy Award nominees of the future.
fight fight fight fight fight
The movie centers on an impending fight between two public school teachers.
subliminal but powerful
There are plays with distinct political messages – plays like Urinetown: The Musical. Then, there are plays with less direct messages, like Columbinus.
Photo by Michael Brosilow / North by Northwestern
This risqué show boasts a multifaceted comedic cast and stars a Northwestern alumnus.
The horror of racism
Jordan Peele's new film, Get Out, takes on the horror of racism in a unique way, but fails to keep the momentum going all the way to the end.
Loving v. Virginia
Loving accurately tells the story of a couple just trying to raise a family amidst a battle for their right to do so.
Block museum
it's for the culture
Now that things are looking up, why not enjoy yourself? Check out some on-campus music, art or theater.
It's a privilege to pee
"I think in times like these, when tensions are high and fear is high, we all need to laugh."
Photo by Kayla Reardon / North by Northwestern
so close, but so far
100 days from now, the school year will be coming to a close and we'll be dancing to the next up-and-coming music artists at Dillo Day.
Block Museum's main exhibit, titled If You Remember, I'll Remember, features contemporary American artists whose art conveys messages about civil rights, war and mourning.
Parade on
The Jewish Theater Ensemble's production of Parade, this past weekend, left audience members wowed.
A tropical escape
A&O's screening of Moana this past weekend immersed viewers in an alternate (more temperate) world.
Courtesy of cr03 / Flickr
movies and plays and art, oh my!
Free movie screenings, plays on campus, museums and more, all this week in entertainment.
Cassandra Majewski
some cost but all benefit
The concert featured only women of color from the Chicago area: Noname, Jamila Woods, Rebecca O'Neal and Rachel Williams.
A&O Benefit concert to support AMASE, a local group that teaches music and art to kids with special needs.

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