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For hundreds of NU students whose native language isn’t English, sometimes things get lost in translation.


what you need to hear
Debbie-Marie Brown, whose father says she uses music as getaway, released an album on Spotify two months ago.
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check back later
[This story has been temporarily removed to verify information that has been contested].
University archives
It's like a legend
The sit-in was the symbolic foundation for social justice activism on Northwestern's campus.
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multiple identities
Sometimes there's no race/ethnicity option that describes somebody accurately. What then?
an extra challenge
An invisible disadvantage slips under the radar of many NU students – one that's especially unwelcome in the context of college.
The ultimate showdown
Upon shortening of the Norris Dunkin' Donuts' evening hours, we asked students about which coffee shop they prefer for late nights and early mornings.
Shining Light
"It is a space to share concerns, ask questions, celebrate moments of success, and combine resources to work through problems."
we are family
Wondering how to spend Family Weekend 2016? This convenient flow chart can tell you what to do, with or without parents.
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Make 'em laugh
Comedy-related extracurriculars on campus serve more as comedic laboratories than merely laugh factories.
Residence hall or hotel?
A startup-esque basement in Shepard and a gym in 1838 Chicago add to the luxurious South Campus living experience.
'Cats 1-3 At Home With New Policy
The new clear bag policy at Ryan Field hasn't exactly been a hit with Northwestern students.
that's so Evanston
It's no secret that Evanston is a pretty bougie place. But is having three Whole Foods locations really necessary?
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London london london
Twenty years ago this week, Princess Diana visited Northwestern.
Dillo warm and fuzzies
Weinberg freshman Dante Gilmer tells why Dillo Day is the most magical day of the year.
sorry dad
In college, academic FOMO pushes some students to stray from their original plan.