sasha costello
For hundreds of NU students whose native language isn’t English, sometimes things get lost in translation.


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Grab a spoon!
Spoon University, founded at NU, was purchased by Scripps Network and has spread to campuses around the country.
responsible fashion
“If I could tell people one thing, [it would be to] think about what you’re buying and think about whether it’s necessary.”
financial aid faux pas
Did you know students who make more than $6,420 per year reduce their aid eligibility by 50 percent of the excess?
To students from different countries, smoking can mean very different things.
i (didn't) wake up like this
In the realm of beauty in the 21st century, the Kardashian women are supermodels, but they just might be role models, too.
What's good, UChicago?
NBN’s Laura Zornosa tests Northwestern’s temperature with Chicagoland college students. So, are we more hot, or cold? Read on.
across the aisle
Northwestern’s election tally may in fact tell a story less congruent with the homogenous progressive liberalism with which colleges are often categorized.
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The story behind the name.
"A name gives life to a college campus. It connects the old to the new, the bitter to the sweet and the tradition to the progress."
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Who run the world?
NBN interviews the winners of the BuildHer hackathon.
Photo by Mia Zanzucchi / North by Northwestern
student life
Muslim students at Northwestern talk "taking hijab," Trump and campus life.
to stay or not to stay, that is a question
Many international students want to stay, but exactly how possible is that?
Wikimedia commons
The Qatar Foundation has trimmed programs in order to streamline its budget and NU-Q is picking up the slack.
what you need to hear
Debbie-Marie Brown, whose father says she uses music as getaway, released an album on Spotify two months ago.
University archives
It's like a legend
The sit-in was the symbolic foundation for social justice activism on Northwestern's campus.
emma kumer
multiple identities
Sometimes there's no race/ethnicity option that describes somebody accurately. What then?