sasha costello
For hundreds of NU students whose native language isn’t English, sometimes things get lost in translation.


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a comeback against all odds
A cancer diagnosis separated Bienen sophomore Dominic Davis from his life’s passion. Now, after losing half of his jaw, the French horn performance major is making a comeback.
Move over, bikers! There's a trend that might start hitting the new Sheridan Road bike lane sometime soon.
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may the odds be ever in your favor
For better or for worse, most students go through NU's random roommate process, providing cherished memories and some horror stories.
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Building community through language
Every time RTVF students are on a film set, they might expect to hear some unusual phrases.
Savannah Christensen
Nom Nom
Northwestern rolled out a new meal plan for this year, and the new changes can appear daunting.
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"I'm a motherfucking woman!"
Sekile Nzinga-Johnson has been tasked with imagining what the next 30 years at the Women's Center will look like.
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dress up!
The Virginia Wadsworth Wirtz Center Costume Sale means students don’t even have to leave campus to find the perfect costume.
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matter of rights
“All performances for Pippin have been cancelled."
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Express yourself
Have you ever walked down Sheridan Road and seen someone with unreal, unconventional and unapologetic colored hair and thought, “Wow! I wish I could pull that off!”?
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Wildcat royalty
This year, the student body will cast their inaugural votes for one Homecoming Wildcat, rather than the traditional king and queen pair.
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Mamma Mia!
NBN talked to three sorority house moms.
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NU Kids on the Block
By this time of year, most students who were high school seniors just a few months ago are well into their college transition.
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Grab a spoon!
Spoon University, founded at NU, was purchased by Scripps Network and has spread to campuses around the country.
responsible fashion
“If I could tell people one thing, [it would be to] think about what you’re buying and think about whether it’s necessary.”
financial aid faux pas
Did you know students who make more than $6,420 per year reduce their aid eligibility by 50 percent of the excess?