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Sometimes, Instagrammed healthy living can have a tangible effect.

Life and Style

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Give CPS a Chance
“This year we’ve already doubled what we made last year. We are making a difference and that difference is tangible,” Ozanar said. “It’s gonna be huge. It’s gonna be so fun. It’s a fashion show, who wouldn’t enjoy a fashion show? Especially when it’s for charity?”
Musicals, Mimosas and Motown
See what's happening this weekend across Chicago and Evanston
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a tan-talizing option
If you see me on the street, just pretend it’s natural.
FIsh, films and food
See what's happening this weekend, from the Shedd Aquarium to the Evanston Literary Festival
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(Not) Sweater Weather
Use the weather as an excuse to update your wardrobe while giving back to the community by donating to various shops around Evanston.
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Midterms are over baby
Go celebrate the end of Week 5 with Boomshaka and some craft beer.
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and everything nice
“Girl power, I love it. Power to the she.”
The Table
Brewbike, meet the Table
Northwestern's latest startup is going to find its way into your heart, and stomach.
cheers to the freakin' weekend
Seize the weekend as it gets nicer out!
Joely Simon
Just past Ryan Field in the neglected northern region of Evanston, lies Foodstuffs – the mecca of fresh, homemade food and delicacies.
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Let the Good Kush influence your creativity.
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blaze it man
Happy 4/20! One of our writers got high and reviewed the new horror film A Quiet Place
Colbert's coming to Northwestern, it's National Record Store Day, you can do yoga in the sky, and much more.
Graphic by Savannah Christensen / North by Northwestern
Doing everything on this list will ensure you have the most lit 4/20 in living memory.
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Binge a little bit of this show for me
The beginning of a new quarter proves to be the best time to start up a new show because you have the time (or you make the time by procrastinating) to watch TV. Grab your coziest blanket and favorite snacks cause it’s time to immerse yourself in the world of television and become personally attached to a fictitious character.

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My Box
"This was probably the most amazing, beautiful and transcendent sexual experience I have ever, and probably will ever have."
My Box
Joining was easy, save for little reminders like stating your lifestyle budget (I went for high, because shoot for the goddamn stars).
My Box
Northwestern University’s annual Sex Week kicked off this year with mountains of condoms, lube samples, Tenga Eggs, colorful cock rings, genital chocolates and everything titillating that students definitely did not expect walking into Kresge on a Tuesday morning.
My Box
You do you, boo at these events.
My Box
Let's say buh-BI to bisexual misconceptions.
My Box
In case you’re not familiar, “My Box” is your safe place to ask and explore anything and everything about sex and relationships
Better Know a Neighborhood
The area’s artsy boutiques, innovative restaurants and edgy atmosphere make it a great place to spend a day.
Booze Blog
Here are five drink suggestions featured in your favorite binge-worthy Netflix shows.