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Sometimes, Instagrammed healthy living can have a tangible effect.

Life and Style

High five nation
NBN explores how Northwestern students high five.
Image courtesy of LongitudeLatitude / Flickr
my momma always said...
When you have sex, think about chocolate.
Photo courtesy of Ben and Robin Johnson.
anything is possible
Ben and Robin’s now 27-year love affair began as an innocent first encounter in the Hinman dining hall.
Photo by Piotr Siedlecki on, licensed under Creative Commons
Brrrr-ing on the fashion
"I see brands I've never heard of and styles I thought people only wore in movies on campus every day."
Photo by Emma Kumer / North by Northwestern
"Tearing the keyboard from beneath my fingers taught me a few interesting things about myself that even limitless Buzzfeed quizzes never could."
photo by Jill111 on pixabay, licensed under Creative Commons
"Spread the love to your favorite Wildcats this Valentine’s day with these ~ fun and flirty ~ Northwestern themed pick-up lines. "
it takes two
NBN sat down with four NU couples who found love in many places – some conventional, others ... not so much.
Photo by Pat Lyn on, licensed under Creative Commons
A blind date that went well?
In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we've begun a series to highlight some of the NU romances that have turned into a happily ever after.
Photo by Fadyphotography on pixabay, licensed under Creative Commons
Treat yo self...and your gals
"Gather your gals, because NBN will help you plan a Galentine’s day celebration that would make Leslie proud."
A guide to surviving the most romantic day of the year without your S.O.
Illustration by Laura Zornosa and Audrey Valbuena / North by Northwestern
tone up
A quick guide to staying fit throughout your daily grind, in the comfort of your own dorm.
emma kumer
multiple identities
Sometimes there's no race/ethnicity option that describes somebody accurately. What then?
Photo by Maria Morri on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons
He has make up work
NBN got the inside scoop on the story of an 18-year-old boy who had the confidence to pursue a career in a field that many only dream about.
Morgan Smith
follow 4 follow?
Finstas are raw and unpolished, representing a phenomenon among millennials: the desire for a more intimate social media experience.
it can be done
Eating healthy doesn't need to mean going broke every month from buying too many quinoa salads. Here’s NBN’s guide on how to eat healthy for the best college prices.

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Whether you’re looking for a new spot to hit the books, or a place to waste a few hours window shopping with friends, Roscoe Village provides the perfect escape.
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We curated your next trip to Wicker Park with the four hot spots you have to check out.
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Condoms can be a drag, but the Mistress has a few ways to make those little rubber lifesavers sexy.
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The Museum Campus area slightly south of Grant Park is a gem that deserves more attention.
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