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A Northwestern-created course wants to answer all the questions college student have about sex, but are afraid to ask.

Life and Style

Photo by Eric Fredericks. Photo licensed under Creative Commons.
We love college
Give your parents a campus tour; leave in the dirty deets.
Leslie Zhang
everybody's doing it
New campus magazine Lickerish promises to publish “all things pertaining to sex, provided it’s high quality."
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New eats in Evanston
Evanston's newest restuarant on the block, La Cocinita serves up delicious Venezuelan and Mexican foods.
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yes. 100 times yes.
Being in college is hard because you are without your dog. But Evanston has built-in solutions for this, and we found all of them.
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Blaze up, eat up
Get full after getting high with NBN's guide to 4/20 munchies.
hummina hummina hummina
Condoms and lube galore. Also, sex education.
to fbo, or not to fbo
Facebook relationship statuses may have gone out of style, but they can still be relevant in college, albeit for different reasons.
frivolous but fun
Do you know where your cats are?
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Get me out of here
Eight students were removed from university housing and six were relocated to another dorm during the 2014-2015 school year.
Twerk champion
Macs is a twerking champ and Archie is a fashionista, apparently.
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Scratch and sniff
There's more to urinary tract infections, which affect about half of all women, than just drinking cranberry juice.
Which Cheesies ranks supreme: Evanston or Chicago?
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DM outfit guide
You have a few minutes between each Block to get your next outfit ready. Come prepared to look your sweaty best for those Justin Barbin pics.
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What's in your future?
DM is around the corner and the stars are aligned. Find out what's coming your way.
Arvind Grover/Creative Commons
Return of DU
Something fresh has arrived to the frat quad, and no, it’s not another Dance Marathon-related food fundraiser.

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