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Sometimes, Instagrammed healthy living can have a tangible effect.

Life and Style

Book Worms Welcome
Avoiding going outside? Snuggle up in bed with some book recommendations from the owner of Bookends & Beginnings.
No Surface Left Uncovered
The only thing more quintessentially NU than being deliriously over-scheduled? Laptops covered in stickers.
Jenna Perlstein
Talking Body
NBN sat down with Insta-famous yogi and Northwestern student Jenna Perlstein to talk yoga, self-care and hash browns.
Laura Zornosa / North by Northwestern
chill out
Fight the cold with some ~fire~ looks at the rink this season.
give thanks
It's that time of the year again. NBN asked Northwestern students what they are most thankful for this year.
Life and Style
I wandered the aisles of Whole Foods driven by my constant craving for ice cream. Ice cream sandwiches seemed like ...
Photo by Alice Herald on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.
For your boo
Make some holiday gifts for your special someone.
Reading rainbow
While students may love reading for pleasure, it gets harder and harder as school work piles up. This writer has a solution.
Get Those Cucumbers Out Of My Face
Let's check out some building blocks of Facemask 101
Celebs – They're just like us
Every class has at least one student who everyone knows, thanks to their excessive contribution to the class Facebook page before freshman year. We talked to these "celebs" on their status and how it feels.
It's not as hard as you'd think
Take it from this writer's experience: Andy's and a little improvisation can take you a long way.
The Dub Dub luv continues
Freshman year is an exciting time, and not just because you finally get to launch a serious academic career. Just ...
creative commons
I love college
A writer partied for six days in a row and the results were ... predictable.
A day's WERQ
Follow one freshman's attempt to avoid the freshman 15 one dance move at a time.
Devishly simple looks
If you don’t have the time or money to leave campus to plan a Halloween costume, we have you covered.

On The Blogs

Booze Blog
"While the ever-present availability of basement booze may appeal to the average college kid, occasionally, we need a semblance of something a bit more adult. The solution: apartment party, cocktail edition."
Better Know a Neighborhood
We curated your next trip to Wicker Park with the four hot spots you have to check out.
My Box
Condoms can be a drag, but the Mistress has a few ways to make those little rubber lifesavers sexy.
Booze Blog
Get sprung with spring's tastiest drinks.
Better Know a Neighborhood
The Museum Campus area slightly south of Grant Park is a gem that deserves more attention.
My Box
Feeling pleasure can come from many sources, even yourself. Learn the tricks for mastering female masturbation.
Better Know a Neighborhood
Looking to get away from Evanston? Boystown offers some unique restaurants, shops and theaters to explore.
My Box
"The first time I masturbated I realized I could take my sexuality literally into my own hands. That made me feel powerful."