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Sometimes, Instagrammed healthy living can have a tangible effect.

Life and Style

Morgan Smith/ North by Northwestern
Tailgating Tips
With another home game coming our way this Saturday, we have some tips so that you actually make it there.
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Do you think about me now and then?
For this writer, coming home to Northwestern felt difficult.
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Be like Hillary
If you want some tips to stand out in discussion section, look no further than our presidential candidates.
turn up
Which water bottle will you choose?
are you my mother
If your catch phrase is “Have fun! Stay safe!”, you probably are.
Walk It Out
Why worry about midterms and shin splints during your walk between classes, when you blast these custom playlists?
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Some "pro" tips
Do you dread frat parties filled with cheap beer, ex-hookups and bad music? Don't worry, we have some tips to get you through it.
Photo by Arielle Schwartz / North By Northwestern
Look Cool and Stay warm
With fall in full swing it's time to update your fall wardrobe and we have some key items that are worth it to splurge on.
organize your life one bullet at a time
If your life is moving in a million different directions, you're probably an NU student. Consider bullet journaling as a way to keep everything in line.
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Almost as Expensive as Tuition
The price of the EpiPen has gone up – way up – and Northwestern students are worried.
Sadly ever after
Keep your alarm clock for now; we're not totally sure Prince Charming is going to wake you up with a kiss for your 9 a.m.
Isabella Jiao / North by Northwestern
New eats in Evanston
When the hunger hits, hit up one of these new Evanston eateries.
Aine Dougherty / North by Northwestern
Get your cup of joe
Some prefer their coffee from mystery locations and some like it iced; here's your guide to all types of Northwestern coffee.
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These should be on CAESAR
From navigating dining hall food to comparing North Campus to South, these are the things students really need to learn about.
That's All
“Everyone will wear other people’s clothes in a few years time."

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Looking to get away from Evanston? Boystown offers some unique restaurants, shops and theaters to explore.
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