"May we never be stoners, may we always be stoned."


Mia Zanzucchi / North by Northwestern
Q&A (question and attack)
"Even when stories on victory and change are told, they are often told with a tone of spite, a feeling of “Told you so!"
Mia Zanzucchi / North by Northwestern
accountability matters
"We need to start paying attention to the fact that fraternities are breeding grounds for sexual violence and sexual predators."
beyond the banana demonstration
Sex education and consent should go hand in hand, period.
Dun dun DeVos
In defense of public education
Photo by Jonathan McIntosh on Wikimedia Commons/ Licensed under Creative Commons
consider this
"From both a moral and economic standpoint, the case for the free movement of people is strong and compelling."
This is why we march
"To me, the March was about more than the rights women feel are being threatened by this new administration..."
what lies ahead?
" ... 'Give him a chance.' They say it as if I plan to deny the validity of Trump’s administration, as if I’ve been planning to pack up and leave ... "
A few of NBN's opinion writers sat down in a roundtable-style discussion to talk about the impending election and what it means to them as liberal college students.
Public domain pictures
lights, camera, wrong action
Opinion: RTVF's restructuring of how student film projects are funded and produced is unfair.
On Women's Center counseling
A writer addresses the importance of Women's Center counseling.
"get comfortable with discomfort"
Two days before graduation, a senior reflects on her four years at NU and gives advice to incoming freshmen.
Caroline Brown / NBN
life advice from a graduating senior
"While not a poem, I write this love letter to you, soon-to-be freshman, and you, graduating seniors, who are just starting out in college or in that interminable “real” world."
Voyeur Theatre Collective's new show explores the in between moments.
Photo by Lola Audu/Licensed via Creative Commons
shake it up?
"A deeper consideration of the consequences of the proposed policy reveals a misguided commitment to the abstract concept of inclusion, at the expense of the actual student experience."
Photo by S Pakhrin/Licensed via Creative Commons
Comfort in discomfort
"When we shoulder the title of “activism” only to the extent that it doesn’t affect or threaten our privileges, the title becomes another positional advantage."

On The Blogs

This is not a study abroad blog
Despite Hannah's excitement for the great delicacies of Chile, she arrived to find her food bland and covered in the egg-y condiment.
Weekly One-Liners
This week people wrote about long weekends, Subway and the Oscars.
Fresh Frosh
One writer offers his take on the new IGNITE program, which was supposed to help freshmen through their first year, and suggests that next year NU should remix IGNITE.
Fresh Frosh
Freshmen might become discouraged during Winter Quarter, but they should focus on embracing failures, celebrating successes and waiting for warm weather.
Fresh Frosh
The quarter system is "an awkward tango of timelines."
Fresh Frosh
What is it about college parties that make them inherently more enjoyable than their high school counterparts?
Campus Loop
See how you can contribute to NBN's discussion under our changed comment policy and system.
Fresh Frosh
"A seven letter German and a nine letter Norwegian were forcefully joined on a 4 ½ X 10 legal birth certificate by a tiny, yet crucial dash."