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This year's Oscar controversy is a microcosm of a larger American dilemma.


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shake it up?
"A deeper consideration of the consequences of the proposed policy reveals a misguided commitment to the abstract concept of inclusion, at the expense of the actual student experience."
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Comfort in discomfort
"When we shoulder the title of “activism” only to the extent that it doesn’t affect or threaten our privileges, the title becomes another positional advantage."
it's on us
"We can work together to ensure that we acknowledge the aspects of Greek Life which reinforce harmful gender roles and rape culture."
Woo shack?
One writer reveals how Frances Willard wasn't as good-intentioned as many think.
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The way we talk about syria
The dialogue on campus (and nationally) about the Syrian Crisis can be disheartening and dangerous.
The following is a Letter to the Editor submitted to North by Northwestern and does not reflect the views of ...
"Om" How 'bout No?
"Why is yoga only cool when it has no ties to brown skin?"
Head in the game
"Because you could go anywhere in your decision pool and be okay, but here is where you’re best."
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A NU Direction
Northwestern is the "annoying people school" – but that's okay. At least, now it is.
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drink it in
"I’m supposed to embrace my “culture,” whatever that means, but am also constantly reminded by others that 'I’m the whitest Black person they know.'"
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Race to the bottom
"How do we learn to take care of each other at Northwestern?"
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spring into snowstorms
Is it spring in Chicago? Hard to say, considering it may be 70 degrees one day and 30 the next.
We are one
"May we never be stoners, may we always be stoned."
Wirtz Center for performing arts
representation matters
"Fair, adequate and just representation on stage and screen is an appallingly large problem."
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Electra Rayne credits Northwestern with an openness to many different sex-positive attitudes.

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The quarter system is "an awkward tango of timelines."
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What is it about college parties that make them inherently more enjoyable than their high school counterparts?
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Fresh Frosh
"A seven letter German and a nine letter Norwegian were forcefully joined on a 4 ½ X 10 legal birth certificate by a tiny, yet crucial dash."
Fresh Frosh
On the first day of class I recognized a guy I met during orientation week. In an effort to make ...