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"Even for people who do not have eating disorders, knowing the calorie content of food is not necessarily helpful."


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Toward a younger tomorrow
"We’re on the brink of taking the world that was promised to us and steering it in a direction that reflects our collective commitment to progress."
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Bring Snap back
I’m going to guard my vintage Snapchat with my life.
Reading news about North Korea in an international sporting event, and not in relation to nuclear weapons, is refreshing and encouraging.
Impeachment March
they get the job done
“High-skill” and “developing countries” are not necessarily a dichotomy.
Stressing about stress?
One writer explores self-inflicted stress at Northwestern.
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Thus, the impending Oscars still raise the question: Have the Academy Awards become too much of a political platform to properly acclaim the true protagonists of the show, the nominees?
Savannah Christensen
Rapping for change
Let's talk about hip-hop's political roots.
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all by myself
The topic of loneliness is something we’re afraid of talking about. No one seems to be comfortable saying it, but who hasn’t at one point felt like they wanted to make friends?
Lark Breen / North by Northwestern
Is it too late now to say sorry?
A love letter to one of NU's most emblematic dining halls
You better deserve it
"Merit-based immigration would benefit the U.S. by incorporating a greater emphasis on newcomers’ skills rather than improving diversity."
To the left, to the left, everything you own in a box to the left
"Most people, myself included, enjoy some sort of privilege that we should be cognizant of when interacting with others of differing experiences and backgrounds."
another shitty day
"Invoking the bottom of toilets to describe developing countries across the globe is arguably one of his most insulting and derogatory comments to this day."
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there's still time
"If the classes you are taking are making you miserable, it’s OK to try something different."
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Pride in history
Straight people must understand that a gay bar is there to be that oasis, that retreat, and that place of solidarity for those who identify as LGBTQ+.
ask questions
"SAE getting caught doesn’t mean any of the other frats are less problematic and systemically fraught with toxic sexism and dated views of sexual assault and consent."

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This is not a study abroad blog
Despite Hannah's excitement for the great delicacies of Chile, she arrived to find her food bland and covered in the egg-y condiment.
Weekly One-Liners
This week people wrote about long weekends, Subway and the Oscars.
Fresh Frosh
One writer offers his take on the new IGNITE program, which was supposed to help freshmen through their first year, and suggests that next year NU should remix IGNITE.
Fresh Frosh
Freshmen might become discouraged during Winter Quarter, but they should focus on embracing failures, celebrating successes and waiting for warm weather.
Fresh Frosh
The quarter system is "an awkward tango of timelines."
Fresh Frosh
What is it about college parties that make them inherently more enjoyable than their high school counterparts?
Campus Loop
See how you can contribute to NBN's discussion under our changed comment policy and system.
Fresh Frosh
"A seven letter German and a nine letter Norwegian were forcefully joined on a 4 ½ X 10 legal birth certificate by a tiny, yet crucial dash."