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"Even for people who do not have eating disorders, knowing the calorie content of food is not necessarily helpful."


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open your eyes
While it is difficult for students of a university halfway across the world from Syria to connect with the struggles of its people, it is still our responsibility as global citizens to remember the lives of those who have fought and lost.
Shifting viewpoints
"I felt my perhaps almost excessively liberal California viewpoint shifting so I could see that my experience could not have prepared me to understand that of my relatives in this situation. However, one thing continued to nag at me as I tried to be culturally conscious and generous to a lifestyle so distant from my own."
culturally (in)competent?
As I went back to my hometown – a 93 percent non-white/minority community – I realized my outlook had changed.
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You know what’s slightly more annoying than a spontaneous, involuntary subscription to a Listserv? Two strangers giving away your personal information to a third-party organization renowned for their difficulties in warding off hackers – all for the sake of their political campaign.
Sky and Em
The following is a Letter to the Editor submitted to North by Northwestern and does not necessarily reflect the views ...
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Oprah 2020? O, no
Considering the role of celebrities in office now and in the past, regardless of Oprah’s status as an inspiration and a leader, she should not be on the 2020 ballot.
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Python Ponderances
When it comes to science, are programming and human languages put in the same category?
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Trade Wars: Trump Strikes Back
Last Thursday, the president made an announcement that has taken news outlets by storm: the possibility of a trade war
black lives... matter?
It pains me to realize that Black lives are simply not seen as innocent enough for this large of a response.
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Sport Science
"I’m saying that technological advances in sports equipment and design will determine the success of the world’s best athletes in future competitions"
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the snapping point
Like any good consumer of social media, I’ll certainly complain to my friends about poor graphic design or how I have to expend additional effort to scroll through to my stories. But in the end, I’ll still be suckered into keeping my streaks alive.
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Toward a younger tomorrow
"We’re on the brink of taking the world that was promised to us and steering it in a direction that reflects our collective commitment to progress."
Reading news about North Korea in an international sporting event, and not in relation to nuclear weapons, is refreshing and encouraging.
Impeachment March
they get the job done
“High-skill” and “developing countries” are not necessarily a dichotomy.
Stressing about stress?
One writer explores self-inflicted stress at Northwestern.

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Fresh Frosh
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Freshmen might become discouraged during Winter Quarter, but they should focus on embracing failures, celebrating successes and waiting for warm weather.
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The quarter system is "an awkward tango of timelines."
Fresh Frosh
What is it about college parties that make them inherently more enjoyable than their high school counterparts?
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Fresh Frosh
"A seven letter German and a nine letter Norwegian were forcefully joined on a 4 ½ X 10 legal birth certificate by a tiny, yet crucial dash."