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A look at the role of Northwestern students in local and national politics.


the more you know
Let’s break down why Russia is making headlines all of a sudden and figure out if we need to worry about a new Cold War.
Who knew this president and presidential candidate duo could be referenced in so many songs?
Paola de Varona
justice is served
Five professionals within the sphere of reproductive health gathered at Harris Hall to discuss their experiences in the field.
How can someone like Donald Trump avoid paying taxes for 20+ years? Here's the answer.
Caleb Gardner’s former Twitter account has 32 million followers. That account is @BarackObama.
Schakowsky for the win
She encouraged students to keep campaigning and warned that a third-party vote is essentially a vote for Trump.
Image by clio1789 on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons
Please vote
Brush up on your local politics before you head to the polls.
Somebody tell me please
We got you covered, so you can actually know what you're saying next time you talk politics.
Image by Matt A.J. on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons
Tax-free Trump
Imagine if Donald Trump used his $916 million tax exemption to pay for – everything. This is what you'd get.
Speaking out
Mineta has been a landmark figure in the fields of Asian-American civil rights and transportation throughout his nearly 50-year-long political career.
Let's take a look at that other Hillary Clinton scandal you've been hearing about.
right hand men
Kaine and Pence square off tonight, and while they may not be as entertaining as Trump and Clinton, they're still worth learning a bit about.
Photo by Rich Girard on Flickr
Who will come out on top?
We take a look at the presidential candidates' campaign emails to see who is more tech savvy.
Where politics meets science
Where do the presidential candidates stand on climate change, space exploration and renewable energy after Monday's debate? Sniff.
You Should Probz Vote
“... when people turn 18 and go off to college, getting registered to vote should be synonymous with that experience.”

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Rock Around the Clock
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