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A look at the role of Northwestern students in local and national politics.


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culture of silence
The Clintons' connections to sexual assault allegations parallels the handling of sexual assault cases on college campuses.
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student activism
Some student activists at Northwestern often travel to Chicago to participate in political protests.
The formerly progressive reporter turned libertarian discussed the role of the government in people's lives on Tuesday night.
get out the vote
In some respects, NU is a national leader in getting students to register to vote.
Did ya know?
Did you know that Northwestern students can and have run as aldermen for the City of Evanston?
Make Dillo Happen Again
After filibustering ScHoolboy Q’s performance for 34 minutes, Ted Cruz was booed off the stage.
Photo by Mia Zanzucchi / North by Northwestern
Former Northwestern President Henry Bienen debated Obama's foreign policy Monday with political science professor John E. Rielly.
Abby Blachman/NBN
water water everywhere
Experts say Lake Michigan's levels are rising due to global warming, and Evanston residents are feeling the effects.
what does israel mean to you?
The evening of storytelling was about creating a dialogue centered upon individual experiences.
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We all "meme" well...
Catch up on this week's crazy political news with some memes.
Photo by Tanner Howard / North by Northwestern
what is zionism
Israel Week’s Tuesday night event, “The Z-Word: What is/are Zionism(s)?” hoped to destabilize the notion of one Zionism.
erin bacon
multiple identities
Kalman, chairman of the ‘Aguda’ – the Israeli National LGBT Task Force – and a club party organizer, spoke on LGBT equality in Israel.
photo via Michael Vadon/Flickr Creative Commons
How much do the political views of parents impact their children?
last time on "the west wing"
Keenan touched on a variety of topics ranging from his time working for President Obama to advice for NU students.
Run the jewel osco
Rapper and activist spoke Wednesday, urging students toward inclusive social justice.

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