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"Leave it to scientists to turn a ton of craziness into a positive display of logic and camaraderie."

Science and Tech

Science and Tech
It’s week seven. The weather is weird. Classes are weird (a.k.a. midterm season never ends. All you want to do ...
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Bring Snap back
I’m going to guard my vintage Snapchat with my life.
This week in science news: Budget cuts, cancer treatments, and rocket launches, oh my!
crisis managed
"We don't like the term natural disasters because no disasters are natural."
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make the mono-ey
Here at Northwestern, you can get enough cash to fund weeks of drinks at Norbucks for one small price: getting mono.
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New Year, New Me...ish
Five weeks into 2018 and many students are still populating the campus gyms in an attempt to follow through with their New Year’s resolutions. But how long will this last?
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veggin' out
You could technically eat cookies all day every day and still be vegetarian, but you would not receive necessary nutrients and vitamins.
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Yes, cellphones are an essential part of college life. But the most valuable part of the college student, the brain, needs a serious break, and it has been telling millions of students this for far too long.
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Don't buy an Android yet
Maybe your phone is dying super fast or every time you type “I” it’s replaced by a strange question mark character.
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keep it clean
The plan outlines actions to be taken for the next five years that will allow the university to reach its goal of net zero emissions by 2050.
it is rocket science
One launch away from the record books, and one giant leap for rocket science.
Time travel? Almost...
Real-life Lex Luthor Elon Musk hopes to open up his rockets for commercial use – not just off-world to set up colonies in Mars, but also to get from New York to Shanghai in nearly 29 minutes.
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the robot risk
The key to humanity’s success or failure might come in the form of artificial intelligence, or AI.
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don't break the bank
This technology access cheat sheet holds all the answers.
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celebrating science
Medicine, physics, chemistry – oh my!