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"Leave it to scientists to turn a ton of craziness into a positive display of logic and camaraderie."

Science and Tech

responsible fashion
“If I could tell people one thing, [it would be to] think about what you’re buying and think about whether it’s necessary.”
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bath time
You take a look down at your hands and you see 10 wrinkly raisins of fingers staring back at you. What happened?
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What happens when you get biochemists and entrepreneurs to work together?
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don't click
Google Docs has fallen prey to yet another phishing scam.
get lit for science
Know what you're doing with your night out and what your night out is doing to you
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Yaks, cars and worms, oh my – all this week in science news.
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Who run the world?
NBN interviews the winners of the BuildHer hackathon.
for tree huggers
In photos: Earth week.
Photo by NASA. Licensed under Creative Commons.
Just another week full of discoveries, inventions and competitions for the science and tech community.
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go to bed
If you find yourself getting sick a lot lately, it might be time to look at your sleep habits.
why cities should change as climate changes
22 years ago, a heat wave killed 700 people in Chicago. 22 years later, what have we learned about the role of city infrastructure in responding to climate change?
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FAFSA, an actual Twitter war and more, all this week in science news.
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science at your fingertips
Gel and acrylic nail polish serve the same purpose, but they're worlds apart. So what makes gel polish so different and unique?
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“Goldilocks zone”
NASA researchers claim that all seven of these planets may have liquid water.
oh my!
A series of exoplanets was discovered, a Russian startup invented a hoverbike, and Saudi Arabia started investing more in renewable energy!