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"Leave it to scientists to turn a ton of craziness into a positive display of logic and camaraderie."

Science and Tech

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Who run the world?
NBN interviews the winners of the BuildHer hackathon.
for tree huggers
In photos: Earth week.
Photo by NASA. Licensed under Creative Commons.
Just another week full of discoveries, inventions and competitions for the science and tech community.
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go to bed
If you find yourself getting sick a lot lately, it might be time to look at your sleep habits.
why cities should change as climate changes
22 years ago, a heat wave killed 700 people in Chicago. 22 years later, what have we learned about the role of city infrastructure in responding to climate change?
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FAFSA, an actual Twitter war and more, all this week in science news.
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science at your fingertips
Gel and acrylic nail polish serve the same purpose, but they're worlds apart. So what makes gel polish so different and unique?
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“Goldilocks zone”
NASA researchers claim that all seven of these planets may have liquid water.
oh my!
A series of exoplanets was discovered, a Russian startup invented a hoverbike, and Saudi Arabia started investing more in renewable energy!
taking action
In the face of a climate change-skeptical administration, local governments are now leading the way.
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China now leads the world in solar energy production, an anonymous hacker took down a fifth of the dark web and more, all this week in science news.
Go ireland!
Ireland became the first country in the world to vote to fully divest from fossil fuels.
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gadgets and gizmos galore
The newest addition to the Knight Lab, the Device Lab carries everything from the newest iPhones to the latest virtual reality technology.
ireland knows what's up
America may be falling apart, but scientists found an underwater continent! Check it out in this week's science news.
Mia Zanzucchi
With a new administration comes new policies and potentially new health care systems. NBN looks at what might happen to Obamacare.