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The newest addition to the Knight Lab, the Device Lab carries everything from the newest iPhones to the latest virtual reality technology.

Science and Tech

Michaela33 / Flickr
China now leads the world in solar energy production, an anonymous hacker took down a fifth of the dark web and more, all this week in science news.
Go ireland!
Ireland became the first country in the world to vote to fully divest from fossil fuels.
ireland knows what's up
America may be falling apart, but scientists found an underwater continent! Check it out in this week's science news.
Mia Zanzucchi
With a new administration comes new policies and potentially new health care systems. NBN looks at what might happen to Obamacare.
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100 percent renewable energy and genetically engineered immune cells — all this week in science news.
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to mars in a handbasket
Literally the hottest year ever, the mysteries of space and an end to rabies, all this week in science news.
Photo by Mia Zanzucchi / North by Northwestern
As Obama’s time in office comes to a close, take a look back at his record on science.
Gage Skidmore / Flickr
In 2016, we saw “the hottest year ever recorded,” and in 2017, we may see a total shift in environmental efforts ... or none at all.
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make iphones great again
President-elect Donald Trump wants to move iPhone production to the U.S. What would that mean for Apple and your smartphone future?
Photo by Genentech1 on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.
saving lives
Northwestern scientists have potentially found a form of therapy to treat a rare type of leukemia and other cancers.
Spaceships and deserts and fake news oh my
Successful spaceship landings, fake news filters, and more in this week's science and technology recap.
Billy Brown / Flickr
A new astroid, a new material and more, all this week in science news.
Gender equality, y'all
A new form of effective male birth control is deemed to have too many side effects, prompting some criticism from women who face similar contraceptive side effects.
i'm tired
Obama vows to stop Arctic oil drilling, Twitter stood up to Trump and Mark Zuckerberg defended his social media site’s role in the election
Big victories in the battle against HIV and Zika, Trump's effect on tech and a climate change tipping point