I wasn’t alright. I’m not alright.


Mia Zanzucchi / North by Northwestern
Video by Emma Kumer / North by Northwestern This is part five of our series called “Campus Tales.” Everyone has ...
midnight musings
"I laid in our bed, became one with our bed."
Photo by Madcoverboy on Wikimedia Commons. Licensed under Creative Commons.
For students North and South, Norris University Center is home.
emma kumer
free but lost
"We raise our glasses To the temporary liberty Forgetting that we are all a little Hemingway we are all a little Lost."
Photo by Usbkabel on Wikimedia Commons, licensed under Creative Commons
Teri is fascinated by a girl who studies in Deering Library.
"I don't have a choice, but I'd still choose you."
letting go
"Sometimes you have to let go of the things that hurt you, even if you love them."
somebody that you used to know
In this “Inspired By Sound,” a writer used Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" as the muse for their story.
North by Northwestern Staff
Better Run
"It has been a horrifying day."
Photo by Kevin Gill on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.
under the stars
"I don’t really make out the constellation at first, but after I concentrate, I finally connect the dots in my head."
Isabella Jiao
sheridan has something to say
"Between sleeping and studying. Nobody cares; On the road where ‘keep moving’ is more common than stares"
Photo by kizzzbeth on flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons
"Maybe one day, sexism will no longer be passed down through generations."
Photo by Chris Willis on Flickr / Licensed under Creative Commons
Swirls of possibilities
“'Time is a thief and also a gift.'”
Photo by romankac on Pixabay, licensed under Creative Commons
Don't let the weather reign
"The clouds are weeping and pouring as I walk the long way to class"
Pinterest / Jeanie Oldham
lingering questions
"I’m not sure if my Middle-Eastern father voted for Donald Trump."

On The Blogs

This is not a study abroad blog
One student abroad reminisces on the NU days of packed schedules and time management stress, almost starting to miss being too busy.
This is not a study abroad blog
"Being far away from the U.S., we've had to negotiate our country's new reality without the support system or resources we would've had back on campus."
This is not a study abroad blog
A student abroad in Scotland passes the time until her return to Evanston listening to tunes that match her emotions.
This is not a study abroad blog
Though Emma is all the way in South Africa, she can't escape the effects of the American election.
This is not a study abroad blog
"College taught me how to rely on myself and how to spend time alone. Spain challenges me to do the opposite."
This is not a study abroad blog
Despite what it may seem from the beautifully crafted social media presence, studying abroad can be hard.
This is not a study abroad blog
When a sign in a bathroom stall reminds you that you miss your Evanston home a lot
This is not a study abroad blog
In another installation of this non-blog, a student shares how important health is when abroad, and how hard it can be when your health fails on you.