How to get your perfect fall Instagram

    Colored leaves, PSLs and sunsets at 4:30 p.m. – we're finally in the heart of fall. Take advantage of the last couple of weeks of warmth (because, yes, this is warm #polarvortex) by grabbing a camera and exploring campus to capture the beauty. Here are some places where you can start:

    1) Deering Library

    Straight outta Hogwarts, right? Stand on the lawn and try to frame as much of the library in the shot as possible – and if you're really capturing the scene, you'll get the people playing frisbee or studying on the lawn.

    2) University Hall

    One of the most iconic buildings on campus, University Hall is located near a few brightly colored trees, making it a good place to take fall photos. At this point, who cares if you're ten minutes late to a discussion section?

    3) Behind the arch

    Because the arch is actually really pretty from the back, too.

    4) Sheridan Road

    Okay, it's not easy to stop on this street: we get it. But LOOK at the picture!

    5) Manmade lake

    You might get lucky at this spot – the lake is home to lots of ducks that will even walk along the sidewalk close to you if you're quiet.

    6) Behind West Fairchild

    They're not the prettiest buildings on campus, but the trees aren't bad.

    7) Tech
    Hey, it's better than going to Tech for class.
    Photos by author / North by Northwestern


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