2 women injured in hit-and-run outside Blomquist

    Photo by the author / North by Northwestern

    Two women suffered injuries from a hit-and-run collision outside Blomquist Recreation Center Wednesday night shortly after 10 p.m., according to Blomquist employees.

    Communication sophomores Jenna McNaney and Nadia Last were working at Blomquist when the accident occurred.

    “A girl ran in and said two girls had gotten run over by a white van,” McNaney said.

    Last said she called 911 around 10:20, although the paramedics had already been notified. She estimates they responded about six minutes later. The paramedics entered the gymnasium where the women were waiting for them.

    According to McNaney, the women could walk but both reported neck, back and knee pain. One of the women also sustained abrasions on the side of her head.

    “They were pretty shaken up,” McNaney said. 

    By 11 p.m. several NUPD officers gathered outside Blomquist, talking and inspecting the alley east of the gym.

    “There was an auto accident,” confirmed one NUPD officer who withheld his name. The officer declined further comment because the incident is still under investigation.


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