30 Rock: "Everything Sunny All the Time Always"

    Yes! 30 Rock has reached 100 episodes, syndication heaven. Has it changed much in those 100 episodes? Not really. Is that a bad thing? Not really. Formulaity is the lifeblood of a sitcom, why mess with success? But 30 Rock isn’t a typical sitcom; it’s Tina Fey’s baby. So I thought maybe, just maybe, the show would do something crazy for the 100th episode — get Lemon pregnant was number one on my list. But alas, montages. So my expectations weren’t necessarily too high going into “Everything Sunny All the Time Always.” 30 Rock is clearly intent on staying funny, not too funny, but funny enough. Which is cool. I just can’t say I’m as enthused about the goings-on of this season in comparison to the Avery-Jack-Julianne-Moore-as-a-Boston-chick love triangle and the Liz-Wesley funfest.

    In fact, I sort of forgot Avery existed, as did Jack’s daughter, so kudos to the show for bringing them back, although it may look like they’re getting ready to get rid of Elizabeth Banks? Here’s the basic plot: Jack tells Avery not to return too soon from her “Blondes in Weird Places” news tour — which has taken her to North Korea. When Avery becomes a prisoner of the state, Jack tries to help her — but even with the mighty power of Condoleeza Rice (soooo not a comedienne, by the way) behind him — he can’t get Kim Jong Il to release her. I have to say, when 30 Rock goes over the top, it goes over the top better than anyone. North Korea must be fuming, that is if they have TVs. The end of the episode leaves it in question whether Banks will be coming back home or leaving Jack a single dad. On a side note, I love how 30 Rock can backslap both capitalism and socialism in a five second span.

    The second storyline is a Lemon. As has happened at least twenty times so far in 30 Rock, Liz makes a promise to change her life for the better (though this time she calls it Lizbeanism, score). But, god dammit, there’s a bag in her way, specifically a plastic bag hanging in the tree outside her apartment. Not the most creative storyline, I know, but it had its moments, especially Liz’s little hallucinatory tiff with the bag (no, I did not know plastic bags had genitals, either). I don’t know about anyone else, but I kept getting American Beauty flashbacks. When 30 Rock episodes start out really optimistically, that usually means they end terribly. Like Liz Lemon on her knees cursing the universe badly. And do you even need to ask? Yes, that is how “Always Sunny” ends. Very American Beauty.

    Thirdly, Tracy is back, and angry that Dotcom, Grizz, and Kenneth have been making inside jokes while he was in “Africa.” So he coerces his entourage into replicating every detail of Operation Ferguson, a not-so-funny inside joke revolving around a delivery man tripping. Like the joke itself, Operation Ferguson was pretty “ehhh.” But I am glad Tracy’s back.

    So let’s see…what was the point of tonight’s episode? I’m not really sure. I’m kind of depressed after watching it, and I really don’t like plastic bags anymore. Subliminal attack by disgruntled anti-plastic Whole Foods employees (or these guys) masquerading as 30 Rock writers? I think so.


    Jenna, on taking ‘action’: “I’ve taken Action, it dries your mouth out but the sex is amazing.”

    Lemon on Lizabeanism: “I’m a dike… against the rising waters of mediocrity.”

    Skype sex with Reagan sex masks is good. Jelly beans make it the best.

    Horse semen grows hair?

    Kim Jong Il is a beautiful woman.

    Liz to her bag: “I will hang you in my kitchen and fill you with other bags! You will eat your family!”

    iPhone’s leg shaving razor app…I’ve been waiting for you forever.


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