30 Rock: "Generalissimo"


    Alec Baldwin as “El Generalissimo.”

    I must open this blog by saying that Tina Fey is a goddess, especially when she laughs like an evil person and tries to seduce unbelievably good-looking doctors. Salma Hayek once again guest-stars on this episode as Jack’s girlfriend, Elisa. Jack is struggling to gain the approval of Elisa’s grandmother, who apparently hates him because he looks exactly like the villainous character in one of her favorite telenovelas.

    Of course, Jack Donaghy being Jack Donaghy, he purchases the telenovela with the hope that he can kill off this evil “Generalissimo” character and win over his girlfriend’s grandmother. It’s too bad that not everyone watching the show has the benefit that I do of having had a crazy Hispanic grandmother to appreciate how Jack accomplishes his goal. This episode is majorly improved by Alec Baldwin’s hilarious imitation of a Spanish accent.

    Liz Lemon also watches the telenovela and tries to take some advice from Generalissimo – by opening her neighbor’s mail in an effort to seduce him (apparently you can learn a lot about a person by opening their Netflix envelopes) and by tricking him into coming over to her house for a “party” that involves just the two of them. Of course, as usual, Liz is horribly inept at seduction, to hilarious effect. A nice addition involves some overgrown frat boys, investment bankers who lost their jobs and came to the station to work as interns, who seem a bit too close to some Northwestern students for comfort.


    Jenna, reading through the hot doctor’s mail: “Oh, he’s a pediatrician, at least he likes kids! Or, feet… no, kids.”

    Tracy Morgan: “You shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition at.” (Too subtle?)

    Hot doctor: “Sorry I smell like frosting, I just love to bake.”
    Liz (nodding creepily): “I want to go to there.”

    Liz to Elisa: “Oh, you’re a nurse?”
    Elisa: “Yes, some of us are hot.”

    Liz to Hot Doctor: “My dog ran away… bwahahaha.”

    Liz to Hot Doctor: “Well, Buster’s probably dead, want to go to the wine bar around the corner, deal with these emotions, get some dinner?”

    Generalissimo in a bad commercial for chips (in Spanish): “Now with more bull semen!”

    Generalissimo trying to seduce elderly woman (in Spanish): “After you scratch off those lottery tickets, want to go to McDonald’s and order only coffee?”


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