30 Rock: "I Heart Connecticut"

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    “I Heart Connecticut” is something of a break from recent 30 Rock episodes in that 1) We have the return of Tracy, 2) There’s no guest star, and 3) There’s no Jack Donaghy story line per se (it was more of a Jenna story), and he’s sort of a background character as a result. I don’t want to say the episode was less funny with less Jack, because it was still laugh-out-loud-worthy. But I can’t help thinking how odd — and yes, less funny — the show will be if Baldwin decides to break from 30 Rock to do his own thing. Of course, Baldwin also said that 30 Rock is planning to end after the next season, and I’m sure Fey wants to go on to bigger and better things… like her baby (Also, question: How are they going to work Tina’s pregnancy into the show? And who would the father be?). I’d rather see 30 Rock end with everyone that keep on after it loses Baldwin… hello, The Office.

    Luckily, 30 Rock is the type of show that doesn’t have to do much to make me like it. The main story — as already alluded to — is Liz and Kenneth’s search for Tracy. The duo tracks Tracy’s delivery receipts through Manhattan before figuring out that he’d been sleeping in Liz’s apartment for the past two weeks. Liz — as is her way — was totally oblivious. But in the end, she delivers a very 30 Rock-ish pep talk to get Tracy to return to TGS, a.k.a., she gives him license to be a douche bag to anyone.

    The second story — and I thought the funniest — was Jenna’s movie project. Jenna gets hired to act in a torture porn movie, think Saw meets The Human Centipede meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre…but worse than all of them combined (“It’s an artsy character study of a young woman who has a lot of holes drilled into her head by a deranged veterinarian named Slaughterface”). The only problem is the movie is filming in Connecticut, but the state won’t give the producers a tax break because the film reflects badly on it. So Jack and Jenna work on saturating the script with pro-Connecticut propaganda to secure a break… and they don’t stop there. Let me just say the final movie involves Santa Claus, abstinence, and a Muppet.

    And the third plot line — I am so pissed that they did this — was a hallucination. Pete challenges Frank to an arm wrestling match to decide where they’ll order lunch from. Pete dreams he wins, and then goes on to challenge everyone else, including the loudmouth set guys…blah blah blah. This story was a cop out, that’s all you need to know.

    On the plus side though, Tracy’s back and totally an asshole again — I mean that in the best way possible. And who knows, maybe in the next episode Liz will get knocked up.


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