5 facts about John Clayton, J.A. Adande and Michael Wilbon

    Three ESPN sportscasters, two of them Northwestern grads, filmed a celebrity video for DM this year. Here are some fun facts about them.

    1. Wilbon, Medill ‘80, was one of the 3-seeds in NBN’s “Face of Northwestern” bracket from last winter, but lost in the second round to Seth Meyers.

    2. During Michael Jordan’s first retirement from basketball, Wilbon wrote in a column for the Washington Post that he would trade two years of his life to see Jordan return to the Bulls. According to Grantland, Jordan talked to Wilbon about this after his eventual return, asking Wilbon, “what happened to you, man?”

    3. Adande, Medill ’92, was once sports editor of the Daily Northwestern and served as Northwestern’s Homecoming Marshall in 2012.

    4. Adande is an adjunct professor at University of Southern California, where he teaches classes on “Sports Commentary” and “Sports Public Relations.”

    5. Unlike Wilbon and Adande, Clayton graduated from Duquesne University. At ESPN, Clayton mostly writes about the NFL. 


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