5 facts about Katie Couric

    She already visited NU with her daughter back in October, and she just graced DM with her presence in a video. While you take a break from dancing, brush up on some fun facts about Katie Couric.

    1. Not only was she the first solo female anchor of a weekday evening news show on one of the major networks, but Couric also guest-hosted The Tonight Show with Jay Leno way back in 2003. She was the only guest host Leno ever used on The Tonight Show.

    2. Couric underwent a colonoscopy on air in 2000 to raise colon cancer awareness. It was so effective that academic papers got written about it.

    3. She may not have gone to NU (University of Virginia, instead), but Couric has a link to plenty of dancers out there tonight: She's a Delta Delta Delta sister.

    4. Over the course of her career, plenty of Couric's interviews have gone viral, though Sarah Palin and Manti Te'o might be the most famous examples.

    5. She went on a date with Larry King once. Seriously.


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