5 facts about the Modern Family cast

    The latest of NUDM 2013's celebrity-made videos was a contribution from the cast of Modern Family. Here are five other facts about members of the cast. 

    1. The patriarch of the sprawling family, Jay Pritchett, is played by Ed O'Neill. Twenty years ago, O'Neill was busy portraying Al Bundy, the lead role in another ABC sitcom, Married with Children. Both roles involve pretending to read a newspaper. Y'know, like dads do. A few months ago, enterprising Internet navigators pointed out that O'Neill has used the same prop newspaper for both roles. In other words, Ed O'Neill has been reading the same newspaper for 20 years!

    2. In July 2012, Forbes reported that Sofia Vergara, who plays Pritchett's wife Gloria, is the highest paid actress in TV, surpassing even Kim Kardashian.

    3. Both Ann Romney and Michelle Obama have said that Modern Family is their favorite show. Rest easy, everyone: No matter what happened as a result of the 2012 presidential election, we would've had a First Lady who loved Modern Family.

    4. Julie Bowen has won two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, in 2011 and 2012, for her portrayal of Claire Dunphy. In an interview with Metro, she compared being nominated for awards to "German soldiers in the trenches of the world wars," and said winning was like "being pulled out of the trench" so "everyone has got a clear shot at you."

    5. Lily Ann-Pratchett, the adopted Vietnamese baby of the show's gay couple, Cameron and Mitchell, was a nonspeaking role for the first two seasons of Modern Family. During that time, the role was shared, Michelle Tanner style, by twins Ella Hiller and Jaden Hiller. Before the Season 3, the twins' mother "retired" them, saying they didn't like acting, and the role was recast to Aubrey Anderson-Emmons


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