5 facts on Bily Eichner

    The Northwestern alum and comedian Billy Eichner, known for his show Billy on the Street, greeted the dancers during Block 8. Here are five things you should know about Billy: 

    1. He once destroyed a car with Lindsay Lohan. The two took sledgehammers to a car in "celebration" of the end of How I Met Your Mother. 

    2. His Parks and Recreation character was inspired by his Billy on the Street persona. Billy told splitsider.com that while they are similar, they operate in completely different environments. 

    3. Billy's dream guest star is Meryl Streep. Or Rihanna because she "doesn't give a fuck."

    4. He's on TinderSwipe right every time. 

    5. He went to Northwestern! Where he "did Ecstasy and did Chekhov, and it was just the greatest thing ever," according to Vanity Fair.  


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