5 fast facts about Alfonso Ribeiro

    To some, he's a former star of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, playing Will Smith's cousin Carlton Banks. For others, he's more recognizable as a recent winner of Dancing With The Stars, masterfully using his Fresh Prince persona and the "Carlton dance" to rousing success. No matter how you know him, Alfonso Ribeiro is generally a fun and awesome dude, and a needed dose of energy heading into the closing blocks. 

    • He's currently hosting America's Funniest Home VideosYou probably haven't watched the show since you were a kid, considering it doesn't make sense in the Internet age, but Ribeiro today hosts the long-running ABC clip show. He took over from long-running host Tom Bergeron last year, and has worked to put his own stamp on the show, saying he's taking the show in a "hip, fun, stylish" direction.
    • He's outlived false death rumors multiple times. The totally-reputable seeming christianpost.com shared a story in 2012 that Ribeiro had allegedly died. One can sense the high-journalism, when the website reported, "Fans of the Fresh Prince's Carlton Banks have even take to Yahoo Answers to find out whether the reports of his death were true or not." Thankfully, Ribeiro survived the rumors, tweeting to fans that he was alive and well. What's crazy is that this wasn't the first time rumors of his death spread. As a 12-year-old Broadway star (see below), rumors spread that he snapped his neck while dancing in a Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial.  
    • He got his start at age eight. Ribeiro was clearly destined for success from a young age. Before the age of ten, he quickly gained recognition for starring in the Broadway musical The Tap Dance Kid, which garnered him a nomination for an Outer Critics Circle Award. Not bad for someone in the middle of puberty.
    • At age ten, he had a brief music career. While you were busy as a fourteen-year-old how to talk to avoid utter shame in the midst of the most embarassing years of your life, Ribeiro was already turning his early acting fame into a minor musical career. With singles like "Dance Baby," and "Not Too Young (To Fall In Love)," Ribiero clearly had life figured out at a young age.
    • He's a successful race car driverRibeiro is one of only three people to win the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race in both categories. Not bad for a guy who, you know, is an actor by trade.


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