5 questions with DM's Food co-chairs

    We sat down with Food co-chairs Amy Xu and Jacob Greenberg in the midst of Portillo's steak sandwiches and chocolate cake to hear about their DM experiences. 

    We're more than halfway there. How do you feel?

    AX: Well this is my very last DM, so it's super nostalgic. It's really, really bittersweet and it's really hard work. I've slept for 20 minutes so far so I'm feeling great. It's definitely really tiring and really exhausting especially because we're running around delivering everywhere and it's so many logistical issues. But I love it. I actually did this last year as well. I'm really tired and really stressed but we're almost there and it's going to be really exciting.

    JG: I'm feeling so good right now. I'm very energetic and I'm feeling so much better. I had a little lull earlier today where I was like I just need to step back for a second. But I think everyone has that one moment in DM where they're just like oh my gosh, I cannot believe this. But I got my second wind and I'm feeling so much better now.

    What job is taking up most of your time?

    AX: The meals are normally the hardest part for food because we have to feed such a large group of people at once. It takes a lot of preparation. This year for breakfast we had a bunch of items like orange juice, cream cheese, munchies from Dunkin Donuts. It was much more complicated than last year's just because there were so many items. So that took a really long time.

    JG: Everything related to food in one. It's hard to choose one aspect of my job that's overwhelming. Everything is manageable, but everything together is different aspects that you have to think of logistically, and you have to strategize. Like I have a pick up at 3:30 but I also have a snack at 3:30 and I'm also supposed to feed this committee at 3:30. The thing that's taking the most time is thinking the strategy through and how I'm going to handle everything. But it's fun- it's like juggling.

    Why did you want to be on DM exec and how is it living up to your expectations?

    AX: I transferred here my sophomore year so I found myself at home at DM and I was so inspired by all the good that they expose in the world. It's not something you see that often, especially when you're a student on campus and you're caught up in all these day-to-day things and you can't see the bigger picture. And that's one of the things that I love about DM. I really wanted to be able to have the ability to inspire that in other people and have them learn about the beneficiary and raise awareness. It just gives me so much joy and so much happiness knowing that I've been able to touch so many people on this really deep emotional level that you can't usually find. I was just so honored to be able to do that last year and again this year. Expectations, oh my god, I think food has one of the best legacies. I think this year, second time around, I learned some things last year but every year is different. There are always surprises. I try not to compare too much year to year, because they're so different.

    JG: I wanted to be on DM exec because of Katy. She was a junior when I was a freshman. I didn't know anything about DM, I applied for three committees and she was the food co-chair. During our interview, she seemed like the nicest, most energetic, most caring person I've ever met. I had originally ranked food as my third committee I wanted to be on, but after that interview I emailed them and I was like I want to be on this committee. I've been in a lot of different communities with her on campus, we were a part of different organizations together, and throughout the years I've gotten to really respect her and she's been a great role model for me. So now I'm in her shoes. It's been so much more than I ever thought it would be. I remember seeing Katie my freshman year and just her enthusiasm and dedication to the beneficiaries- I didn't understand how you could be so involved. And now seeing how much thought and care goes into every decision on the exec board I understand it more than anything. It's so easy to think that people like to feel like they're doing a good thing but by really connecting with the beneficiaries and putting yourself out there to really connect with the people you're raising this money for- that's what makes everything worthwhile and more than I could ever hope for.

    What's the biggest legacy you want to leave behind?

    AX: I want to leave behind a legacy that's different and does new things and explores new avenues. I think DM is so special because it gets to choose a new beneficiary every year, so you can build every single year from the ground up with amazing and inspiring people.

    JG: I want some of my committee members to be even more involved with Dance Marathon in the coming years- maybe being on exec or being a group head or being an incredible fundraiser and being passionate with the beneficiary. I want to be someone's Katy.

    What's your favorite DM dance move?


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