5 Questions with NUDM's newly elected executive co-chairs

    Whether you're still recovering from the aches and pains that resulted from this year's Dance Marathon or are eager to return to the tent, take a minute or two to get to know next year's NUDM Executive Co-Chairs, Arielle Miller and Kevin Harris, through these five questions they answered over email.

    What do you want to change about this Dance Marathon? What do you think needs to improve?

    Kevin: We’re both committed to continuing the work we began as an organization this year in making NUDM more inclusive and accessible for all Northwestern students. We’ll continue to explore ways to increase the number of dancers in the tent, offer more fundraising resources and help raise as much money as possible for next year’s beneficiaries. 

    Arielle: We know that we have very big shoes to fill! We definitely are on the same page about continuing to strive for increased opportunities to engage the Northwestern community – both dancers and non-dancers. Not only is there room to continue to grow fundraising opportunities, but we will also work to increase accessibility and transparency surrounding the organization. 

    What are you most excited for?

    K: In the interim we’re super excited to select the 2016 Executive Board over the next couple weeks and get started selecting next year’s beneficiary. Overall though we’re just excited to continue growing NUDM in a number of different capacities and helping lead this Northwestern tradition to the next level.

    A: Oh my gosh there are so many things – I think first and foremost I am excited to find the people who are going to be our heroes over this next year, and watch the NU community and beyond connect with the cause. 

    It's a big job. What (if anything) are you both most intimidated by?

    K: We certainly know we have a lot of work ahead of us and it’s definitely surreal that we’ve already kicked things off over the last 24 hours. 

    A: While we know it won’t always be easy at time and there’s still plenty to learn along the way, we’re both extremely excited and know our past experiences on the Executive Board and with NUDM will help us throughout the process. 

    What drew you both to the Executive Co-Chairs job?

    K & A: Ultimately both of us are incredibly passionate and committed to NUDM 2016. We want to help ensure this next year is the best NUDM ever by continuing to push the organization to grow and take new steps. While NUDM has remained consistently successful in many respects, there’s still a lot of opportunities we can take advantage of. We both individually felt that we had the skill set, experience, and vision to lead NUDM next year and leave a lasting impact on not only the organization but the entire Northwestern community.

    Arielle, what strengths does Kevin bring to the duo and what makes you two the right pair for the job?

    A: Kevin is one of the most brilliant people I have ever met. His approach to strategic thinking, evaluative and analytical mindset, and overall warmth is what makes him so special. I feel so, so lucky that I get to spend so much time with him this year. He truly motivates me to be a better leader. 

    Kevin, what strengths does Arielle bring to the duo and what makes you two the right pair for the job?

    K: I’m looking forward to continuing to get to know Arielle over the next few weeks and months as we develop a tight working relationship, but from working with her this past year I know she brings an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm to everything she does. She’s an expert communicator, creative problem-solver and personable motivator so I am extremely confident we’ll complement each other and be a great team.


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