5 Questions with Starlight Children's Foundation

    We chatted with the people who dancers have been working to support all year long – representatives from Starlight. Here's what the CEO of Starlight Children's Foundation, Jacquie Hart, and the main DM liason, Cortney Szlemp, had to say on the second day of DM.

    How has the whole DM experience been so far?

    JH: Incredible. Absolutely incredible. Living it in a tent is something everyone should experience; it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. The thing that's been the most touching has been the impact that the families have on the students.

    CS: I don't even know where to begin, I think every aspect of NUDM is mind-blowing. I think the fact that it's a completely student-run organization is really fun as a professional to see. I've learned so much from the executive board throughout the year – you walk in the tent and you're just in awe.

    What do you love about Starlight?

    JH: We feel that we're living a purposeful life and supporting kids and families at the time that they need it most. But to be able to see it here in real life. For people who already have full time jobs as students to take this on, completely out of benevolence... to see that in action is unbelievable to witness. 

    What's one of the most unique things from DM that you'll remember forever?

    JH: I can't wait to participate in Sandstorm later. That's been built up as the thing. But also, the culmination at the end. But just the production, I mean, you guys could pull off the Oscars.

    CS: The entire year, I was trying to picture the moment when I first arrived and now I've lived through that. It far exceeded every expectation I ever had. 

    What's your favorite dance move?


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