Homecoming fashion: notes from the '90s
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    Homecoming is going '90s. Yes, we were babies then, but know that for every dirty diaper and oversized bow, there were dozens of frost-tipped fashionistas roller-blading through the decade. After reviewing several hours of Nick at Nite reruns and raiding our old VHS stashes for inspiration, we've compiled three '90s fashion-dos for this weekend. 

    1. Suspend your scepticism

    By Elizabeth Santoro 

    Look to one of the famous faces of that time for some fashion advice: Steve Urkel. His recognizable and classy suspenders are just the thing you need to complete your game day ensemble. We all embrace the Nerdwestern mentality, so this Saturday be true to your inner nerd self and show those Ohio “nuts” how us nerds go hard in the books and on the field. OSU won't know what to expect when we swagger into the stadium with thumbs hanging on those elastic straps.

    This Urkel signature has a very important and basic purpose: keeping those pants on. During the game, your ferocious inner wildcat will emerge. When we score the winning touchdown, you better bet you’ll be leaping off the bleachers. The suspenders are there to make your dedicated fanaticism are all the more enjoyable and worry-free. Though you may think your Hello Kitty and Captain Underpants drawers are cute, those around you will just see an opportunity to boost their Instagram likes.

    Clip it, pop it and game on: no one has to time to wear a belt with all those loops. However, be cautious of how you wear your suspenders. Ladies and gentlemen, be confident and sexy. If you really want to get on ESPN, forget the shirt and show off that summer tan. This is YOU. Believe it. Own it.

    When the fourth quarter dance party comes around, you’ll be that crazy cat everyone will follow. Finally, purple suspenders equal automatic A+ for spirit and style.

    2. Know the material

    By Sarah Ehlen

    Of all the fabulously oversized, tacky or unisex clothes that rose to popularity during the 1990s, the denim shirt was definitely a staple in any '90s wardrobe. You saw it in Saved by the Bell. You saw it in Friends. You saw it in Full House. With our '90s-themed Homecoming game quickly approaching, your friends better see you in a denim shirt on game day.

    Wear it as a jacket, cut off the sleeves and wear it as a vest, tie it around your waist. Whichever way you choose, achieve that '90s grunge look you’ve always wanted to try! The denim-blue sky is the limit when you're rocking this piece. Worried that America’s favorite blue material will hold you back from displaying your purple pride? Luckily, the very versatile denim shirt can be left completely unbuttoned to show off your favorite purple shirt under it.

    Acid wash denim gives a little extra hint of vintage to any shirt, vest, or jacket, so if you want to look like Salt-n-Pepa (who wouldn’t?), acid wash is your ticket this Homecoming week. The classic light wash look also had its place in the '90s, as demonstrated by the lovable Cory Matthews. One thing to note about pulling off the 1990s jean shirt look is that your shirt, jacket, or vest needs to be, without question, a little ill fitting. None of those cute chambray shirts that are all the rage in our wardrobes today. The boxier, the better, and if you can find one like this, you’ll get extra '90s points. So while you’re cheering on the ‘Cats this weekend, make it a priority to also cheer on the '90s, a great decade beloved and missed by many. Own that denim, embrace the 1990s, and you’re sure to be lookin’ fresh.

    3. Don't be clueless

    By Zoe Pearl

    Talk about '90s fashion without mentioning Clueless? As if. From rocking over-the-knee socks to plaid in any color, Cher Horowitz dressed way beyond her time, especially considering her time was responsible for the one-strap overall look. Yuck. Cher’s look manages to throw it back to the beloved decade that brought us Beanie Babies and Space Jam while simultaneously transcending the '90s with timeless style.

    When you roll with your homies to Homecoming in style, don’t be afraid of taking fashion risks. Who could forget that pivotal moment when Cher’s best friend Dionne wore this hat? Stand your ground when your friends invariably mock you and remind them that you are in the business of setting trends, not following them. Even though most of us don’t have access to an awesome high tech closet like Cher's, nailing the Clueless look is still a cinch. Cher’s preppy, collegiate style is perfect for a college campus. Try wide headbands, plaid miniskirts, crop tops, collared shirts and a cute pair of clogs (broken in, of course) or Doc Martens. You’re sure to look fabulous – even if you are, in one of the greatest insults in cinematic history, a virgin who can’t drive. I’m outie.


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