In Photos: TONIK Tap can absolutely tap that
  • Dancers perform a colorful and lively rendition of the “Arthur” theme song. The show included both lively and somber pieces such as one that incorporated dialogue with dancing to tell the story of two lovers.
  • Cassie Majewski and Sam Shankman tap on the L during “CTA.” In its 17th year, TONIK Tap is the only dance group on campus dedicated solely to tap.
  • Sterling Harris performs in “Perm,” one of the show’s highlight dances. Dances were interspersed with videos by TONIK dancers such as on-the-street interviews and a cooking tutorial using only tap shoes for utensils.
  • Members of TONIK bow to enthusiastic applause at the end of the show.

TONIK Tap presented its show 'Can We Tap That?' this weekend in Shanley Pavilion. The dancers, who explored the titular question throughout the performance, answered with a resounding yes. The show comprised of tap dances to a variety of songs and was bold to include different elements as well. Several comedic video clips were played during the show, which featured TONIK Tap members interviewing students in Tech, making brownies with tap shoes and other oddities. The dances were similarly poignant: one piece was accompanied by the reading of text messages to tell the story of a complicated relationship. ShireiNU a cappella made a guest appearance to open the Friday and Saturday 10 p.m. shows.


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