A brief harmonious instant

    Photo by the author / North by Northwestern

    A bridge made of wires and currents is miraculously built and we’re together thousands of miles away and the old comforts rush in as 0’s and 1’s make me feel everything in between and given one single perspective of your world I see everything that I need to see the room we spent rainy days in and the couch we spent countless nights on and the old television your father stayed to and the minor details add up to a perfect background for the perfect subject and we are connected if only for this fragile moment you can tell me about your day and how the warm autumn wind blew your papers across the quad and you were and are all spread out and just making it and how it’s just difficult and I told you it didn’t feel right here but it’s the truth now with my surroundings dissolved I see 13” of the past for this brief harmonious instant but suddenly our togetherness is cut cut cut and we aren’t so smooth and and I reach but we’re cut out and now it’s just I and my reality comes back and the lights come on and I sense again how hard and cold the room is and that it’s time to move on.


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