A bunch of birds

    Instead of doing boring activities like go to class or starting my paper, I spent Thursday wandering around the Lakefill aimlessly in this awesome 80-degree weather. Besides overhearing some awesome conversations (choice sentence: “He wasn’t a bad guy, just a terrible hook-up!”), I spent most of my time outside sitting on the rocks watching various fowls. Since I’ve got birds on the brain, let’s just dedicate this here post to the birdies I saw today. First up, ducks. There isn’t much to see in this video, but listen to this duckling snore!

    This story comes out of Spokane, Wash., where some banker helped get a bunch of ducklings to safety. Cute stuff.

    These two ducks are chatting with each other and also bugging some guy. Glad this didn’t happen to me.

    The other birds I spent a significant amount of time watching today were seagulls. Now, I’m usually suspicious of them – when I was doing my study abroad in England, a seagull ripped a cereal bar out of my hands and left me with a cut that didn’t go away for three months. Apparently, I have all the rights to be suspicious of European seagulls, as this one in Aberdeen steals some Doritos.

    Finally, a few photos of seagulls.

    Photo courtesy of Alanna@VanIsle on Flickr under Creative Commons

    Photo courtesy of gari.baldi on Flickr under Creative Commons

    Photo courtesy of Paraflyer on Flickr under Creative Commons


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