A college girl's ten-dollar guide to million-dollar beauty

    Every year, fashion and beauty experts tell us what is “hot right now” on the runways. But who really looks good wearing matte tangerine lipstick? Furthermore, who can afford to buy $22 lip gloss? If you’re shouting, “Not me!” you’re with the other 99.9 percent of people who would look like a Picasso painting in the make-up from America’s Next Top Model – and who don’t have the pocketbook of Tyra Banks.

    Maybe you’re more like Weinberg freshman Audrey Moyce, who said she spends “about two minutes max” on make-up in the morning and that her “beauty routine has definitely gone downhill since college started.” What you need is cheap make-up that’s easy to use. Can you obey the call of the runway while still scrimping on cash? Fortunately for you, every single product in this article costs less than $10. So hit up the local CVS, and in no time, you’ll be fall fabulous.

    Coral Lipgloss. Lipstick is undeniably “in,” according to Allure magazine. But please, saturation is an issue (there’s a reason Crayola doesn’t make lipstick). Go for one of the new lip-gloss sticks that have hit the market. The sheer color is also easy to apply without a mirror, making it ideal to swipe on as you’re running out the door. I especially love Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Coral Glow and Super Lustrous Shiny Sheers in Sheer Peachy Sheen.

    Blue Eyeliner. Makeup inspired by Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra is definitely popular, but not wearable to your 9 a.m. French class. Also, it takes a level of commitment I doubt you have if you’re only getting five hours of sleep a night. Instead, try cerulean eyeliner. A tiny line of ocean blue (or navy for the timid) will make your eyes look whiter and wider (like you didn’t stay up all night studying for your physics midterm). If you’re brave, liquid eyeliner provides major drama for fall, but it requires a steady hand and a few extra minutes. Check out Prestige Cosmetics liquid eyeliner in Azure. For the shaky hands, a smudgy pencil is much easier to master. Try Prestige Cosmetics waterproof eyeliner in Surf.

    Red Lips. Most would shy away from this daring color, but with this season’s subtle styles, red is a color that’s wearable on anyone. Don’t worry about getting it too perfect. Skip the lipliner and apply the color with your finger, instead of straight out of the tube, for the most modern casual color. If you’re still scared of of this color commitment, a red gloss can be fun too. Be sure to pick a true red, which has an equal mix of blue and red tones. A timeless choice is Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipcolor in Cherry Rain or Shiny-licious Lip Gloss in Cinnamon Apple.

    Smoky Eyes. Smoky eyes are always in, but this season it’s all about softness. Instead of traditional black, try a gunmetal liner for all the drama without the harshness. The softer look is always much more flattering and looks more Fifth Avenue socialite than grunge rocker. This creates a casual “I just happened to smudge on some eyeliner” look, so don’t make it that precise; blending is key. Get your hands on Cover Girl CG Smoothers Eyeliner in Slate.

    Glowing Cheeks. One of Allure’s featured products this month is the Missoni Colori Gold Face Highlighter, which will put you about $70 in the hole. So here’s a better solution for your “I’m really pale but don’t want to look like I fake-bake” problem. The key to keeping your beauty routine to a minimum is using natural colors that can be applied loosely. A soft rose blush (for lighter skin) and a brown-tinged berry (for darker skin) will give you the color you want without the the tanorexic, Lindsay Lohan-is-my-idol look. Grab Physician’s Formula Powder Palette Multi-Colored Blush in Blushing Rose and Blushing Berry.

    Dark Nails. Dark nails are in. It all started with Chanel Vamp back in the ’90s, and now they’re back with a vengeance. Instead of gothic-long nails, dark colors look most modern on short nails with squared edges. If you’re chip-phobic, this trend is a major commitment: you need a good base and a top coat, and you will have to do touch-ups often. However, if you’re going for a pseudo-punk artist look, let the polish chip to your heart’s content. Paint on Loreal Paris Steel Colour in Invincible, and you’re all set for a fashionable fall.


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