A love letter to Plex late night
    Photo by Jacob Jones / North by Northwestern

    I’ve been spending a lot of time with you. Getting food, hanging out, meeting my friends, it’s been a great time. You have a great taste in music and you make the most delicious food. You’re always there for me after a tough day of class. I’ll just come out and say it: I love you, Plex late night.

    All joking aside, Plex late night is a hidden gem in Northwestern dining. The first thing that makes late night great is the food. It’s similar to the offerings during the day, with burgers being churned out, deli area and salad bar inviting you to customize your food, and cereal, desserts and other assorted items. In addition to the regular offerings, however, late night has good pizza, pasta, plus they add a few items to the regular burger toppings. Ever wanted a bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions and mushrooms on your meal plan? Then late night is the place for you.

    The playlist also makes Plex late night the perfect mealtime. Normally, Plex plays the standard sort of radio that mixes a few popular songs from decades ago, along with a large amount of the overplayed songs that you hear seemingly daily. But when late night hits, the mood changes. Suddenly, Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars morph into Lauryn Hill and John Legend. Between the R&B and neo-soul, the music shifts with the mood. Fewer stressed-out students grabbing food before a midterm, and more students just chilling and late-night snacking. It’s simply not possible to be at late night and be stressed; the music just won’t allow it.

    The final ingredient of Plex late night is the people. At least for me, it seems like everyone I know lives in Plex. So when I go to late night, I can count on seeing at least a couple of people I know. Sitting and talking in the relaxing atmosphere of late night is a great way to get work off the mind, and by that I mean procrastinate. Not only do I get to see people I know, but late night is also conducive to meeting new people, since pretty much everyone there is attempting to avoid their work as well.

    Photo by Jacob Jones / North by Northwestern

    Of course, there is the sad fact that late night ends at 11:30 p.m. and only exists on Sunday through Thursday, prohibiting students from indulging in late night on the weekend. Regardless, the food, music and friends, in addition to little details like the great staff and central location for meeting up, make late night a little oasis from work. If you want to sit for way too long, talk with friends and have comfort food a few steps away, there’s only one place to do it.


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