A music lover's guide to Dillo

    It's no secret that concert festivals don't exactly attract the most devout music fans with the purest intentions. There are whole websites dedicated to perfecting festival style and the festival bod.Ticket sales and promotional hype start long before the line-up is even announced – our very own Dillo Day is no exception. While there's nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel your best for the most anticipated day of the year (and, hey, NBN is a little guilty of it as well), real audiophiles may grow to resent the lack of buzz around the actual performers. Never fear, music fans, we're looking out for you too. Here's a guide and playlist to get you amped for the musical acts coming this Saturday. 

    Acid Trap

    The first act to take the stage, and the winner of Mayfest's Battle of the Bands, will satiate those craving "real" musical sound. A full outfit comprised of eight members, including powerhouse vocalist Sage Ross,, the band won by a popular vote, so there's little chance of the disappointment all too familiar with Dillo Day acts. Acid Trap takes the stage at 12:30, so if it's not one but two saxy sounds (courtesy of Kamila Muhammad and Alex Gandolfo) you crave, leave the pregame early and swing by the main stage. It is worth noting that Acid Trap is strikingly similar in composition to Syndicate 119 and played Dillo last year, so they're veterans to the game. 

    Saint Motel

    True bands rule the early part of Dillo Day – Saint Motel advertizes as an indie rock group, and is known for their theatrical music videos. Two of the band's members started out in film school, so this should come as no surprise that their YouTube channel plays out a little more like a film reel than an collection of rock videos. They haven't released a full album since 2012's Vouyer, but listeners can expect them to play pieces primarily off of their more recent EP, 2014's MyType. Their track record for performing live seems promising, from the late night circuit to a tour with the Arctic Monkeys, and with a show set to start at 1:30, even those already recovering from a first hangover should be able to make it through the set. 

    A$AP Ferg

    Yes, he's probably not quite the A$AP you wanted. Maybe you aren't sure who Shabba Ranks is, but give Ferg a chance to explain – there's a reason he's a part of the A$AP Mob. For any newcomers looking to avoid upsetting those who have been in Ferg's camp for quite some time, try to stray from confusing him with Rocky, and give a listen to his 2013 album Trap Lord. No promises that this Lord's "Cocaine Castle" will be any less egregious than noted shenanigans of last year's rap act, but comparing rappers is like comparing Perrys and Swifts. For anyone whose knowledge of trap begins and ends with calling themselves a "trap queen" on SnapChat, Saturday at 3:00 p.m. is the perfect time to start studying up.  

    Charli XCX

    While she is definitely most widely known as "that-girl-on-that-one-song-that-those-other-people-do," Charli XCX isn't one to sleep on. Her sophomore album, Sucker, was named best pop album of 2014 by Rolling Stone. You might be sick of Charli because she took over your summer last year – imagine a car ride without hearing her hook on Iggy Azalea's "Fancy," or a tween not singing her hit "Boom Clap" and lamenting the ill-fated love of her favorite John Green characters – but give her a second chance. After all, she understands what it means to be in college perhaps better than any of the other acts: Sometimes you don't want to go to school, you just want to break the rules. She'll be taking the stage in all her love-to-hate-it pop glory at 4:30 p.m., so there's plenty of time to do whatever you might be doing ten minutes before that. 


    Winner of this year's Battle of the DJs, Hai-Chu takes his pseudonym from the popular Japanese candy, and promises to bring beats just as sweet. All music appreciators should enjoy Hai-Chu, and his synthesis of influences across the board from reggae to hip-hop to pop. A WNUR DJ, Hai-Chu may be familiar to some listeners, and those who aren't as familiar can enjoy the sound at 6:00 pm, or start listening right now to get an idea of what to expect. 


    Ahh, chillwave electronica, where do we begin? For those who were simply dumbfounded when they saw the prismatic logo on Mayfest's homepage a few short weeks ago, ODESZA brings a more lyrical quality to EDM, and should be good for relaxing and simultaneously amping up the crowd which may be slumping by 7:00 p.m. If you've only casually listened to ODEZSA's music, be sure you don't confuse the two DJs for the singers featured on their tracks. From the bastion of alternative music, Seattle, the duo brings sounds that might just perfectly accompany Dillo weather (that is, 60 degrees and rainy). 


    Sometimes at the end of a long day of debauchery, you just need a kick in the head. Thankfully, Miguel is here to help. Best known for his 2013 prom-slow-dance banger, Adorn, Miguel isn't the most amp-y headliner by any stretch of the imagination. His smooth lyrics and heavy R&B influence will doubtlessly inspire some drunkenly impassioned singing along, and possible other drunken passions – tracks from his early album, All I Want Is You include bangers like "Quickie" and his most recent single is entitled "Coffee (F******)." Just what everyone is looking for at the end of a long day. If you doubt his motives are pure, listen to some of the commentary for such gems as "P**** is Mine."


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