A review of The Dog House, a new Norris restaurant

    The Dog House, a new Norris restaurant, offers four signature hot dogs. Photo and graphic by Tom Giratikanon.

    Norris University Center opened a new eatery in Willie’s Food Court just in time for both baseball season and Spring Quarter classes: The Dog House, a small stand serving up hot dogs and fries covered in chili, cheese sauce and other heart-healthy toppings. Can The Dog House find a place in NU students’ hearts (outside of a hospital), or will it be passed up by the hungry masses for the Buffalo Chicken Wrap?

    The Dog House doesn’t add any exciting dimensions to Willie’s Food Court, but acts as an excellent expansion to the American-themed Varsity Grill. The ridiculously unhealthy toppings provide the pure junk food that the grill lacked. Still, it’s nothing new in the world of NU cuisine: Tech Express always sold hot dogs, and even the C-Store in Norris used to grill weiners up, right near the register.

    But the toppings make The Dog House a winner, just for the sheer customization offered to hungry kids. With chili, cheese sauce, pickles, relish and all sorts of other options, students can create a foodstuff perfect for them. It doesn’t change the face of Willie’s Food Court, but The Dog House does deliver good eats the way you want them. Nothing wrong with that.

    To see a video review of The Dog House’s four signature hot dogs, just hit play:


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