A run in with the pros

    Whether you’re training for next year’s Chicago Marathon or your last mile was the mile in high school gym, Evanston’s flat roads and scenic views practically demand for pounding the pavement. At Northwestern, students get their running fix in a multitude of ways. Not sure how to get started or where to go? Northwestern’s very own cross country team is here to tell you how. Now lace up those sneakers!

    Sophie Ewald, Weinberg sophomore

    Favorite Running Song: Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf

    Favorite Evanston Route: Run up north by the Bahai Temple for a stunning view of architectural beauty and Lake Michigan.

    How she got started: “I started out in High School to stay in shape for Basketball- and I love[d] seeing improvement and the feeling of going fast and passing people!”

    Advice for a beginner: “Just have fun with it and enjoy the routes you’re doing. If you’d like to get more competitive, there’s always room for improvement of your techniques – but don’t start out [focusing] on mileage with exact heart rates. Also, get good shoes!”

    Rachel Kaminski, SESP sophomore

    Favorite Running Song: Fighter by Christina Aguilera

    Favorite Evanston Route: For a beautiful view of Lake Michigan and downtown Chicago, run south along the path by the Lakefill.

    How she got started: “I had no clue what cross country was, but I decided to give it a try my freshman year of high school. I was lucky enough to start out running varsity right away and fell in love with the feeling of competing and racing. The best thing about cross country is the team atmosphere, I never would have stuck with it if it hadn’t have been for my teammates; nothing can describe the things that happen to a team when you run 10 miles together every Saturday or do mile repeats, you bond in an incredible way!”

    Advice for a beginner: “Lay out your goals ahead of time and look at the big picture while training. Start off comfortably and build until you reach your goals of higher mileage. Everyone has to start somewhere…Enjoy running and be smart to let your body adjust to the extra miles. The best part is the sense of accomplishment, have fun and you can do whatever you set your mind to if you believe! ‘Believe’ is our team motto this year and it is such a big part of running and competing; believe in your training and what you are truly capable of!”


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