A surprise, soon soaking wet

    The Happy Birthday Rock, soaked

    Students painted a special birthday message for Communication senior Nisha Garg on the Rock Thursday night, only to have it erased by a wintry storm within hours.

    Communication junior Rupin Parikh and Weiberg senior Deepa Ramadurai rented tents and organized a group to guard the Rock starting Wednesday afternoon. They painted "Happy b-day Nisha Garg" just in time for midnight, when they revealed it to her as a surprise for her Friday birthday. By dawn the entire message, which was written in water-based paint, had been washed away.

    "One time earlier in the year someone painted the Rock for their girlfriend, and I remember [Garg] said 'I wish someone would do that for me'," Parikh said. "So we started planning this and we're trying to keep it dry as best we can."

    Photo by the author.


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