A welcome invasion

    There was a world
    and that world was mine.
    I was the supreme ruler
    and everything was just fine.

    The citizens were content.
    Everyone walked in line
    did what they were told to do
    and everything was just fine.

    The weather changed now and then:
    every so often, sunshine.
    Generally gloom, once or twice a storm.
    And everything was just fine.

    Tides shifted quite rarely
    so on metal everyone did dine.
    Permanence in nearly every aspect.
    And everything was just fine.

    But then again,
    it was all just fine
    and since no-one took notice
    everything was just fine.

    Then you invaded my lands
    and disrupted my world.
    My history was ravaged,
    my flags were burned.

    The resistance: obliterated;
    tides shifted for once.
    My, your, people noticed the change
    and worried, first time in months.

    The rules had been violated
    and nothing was just fine.
    Things were different now,
    and everything was quite fine.


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