A Wildcat call to action

    Dear ‘Cats fans,

    The Northwestern Wildcats have started the season a perfect 5-0, and with a win on October 11th at home against Michigan State, will match the longest winning streak in NU history and move to 6-0 for the first time since 1962!

    This game is becoming one of epic proportions. Javon Ringer, MSU’s star running back is being given serious Heisman Trophy consideration, but NU’s defense has been stellar all season. On top of that, take into account the fact that the game starts at 2:30 CT and will be televised nationally on ESPN2, and we have the makings of a HUGE game with possible Big Ten title implications at Ryan Field.

    The reason I’m writing is because I’m asking every Northwestern student for help. I need you to do a few simple things for me (and every other die-hard). First of all: go to the game. That is of the utmost importance. On the same plane, WEAR PURPLE. Wear purple from head to toe if you can, but at the very least wear a purple shirt. Penn State has a whiteout, Purdue has a blackout… Northwestern is now officially instituting the “Purple Haze” for every Northwestern home game. White shirts, gray shirts, orange shirts…completely unacceptable. Purple is the only way to go.

    Secondly, get your friends to go. Don’t accept the usual excuses of “I want to sleep” or “I have work to do.” This game is HUGE. This team has a chance to do something special this season, and our players need as many people there as possible to yell and cheer. Make sure that they wear purple. Borrow a purple shirt from a friend, whatever, just make sure that everyone is wearing purple.

    Help us get the word out on campus, throughout Evanston, and in Chicago. Ryan Field needs to be jam-packed with every single person in it wearing purple. You have no idea how much this will pump up our football team and demoralize Michigan State.

    Sing the fight song. Learn the words. Cheer loudly.

    Wear Purple.

    Go ‘Cats!

    Dan Desmond, McCormick Senior


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