Additional Ludacris tickets to be sold Friday

    Updated 8:40 p.m.

    A&O Productions will make an additional set of Ludacris tickets available for purchase at 10 a.m. Friday through the Norris Box Office’s online ticketing system. The rapper’s show, featuring opening act The Knux, is this Friday at 7:30 p.m. at Patten Gymnasium.

    More than 1,000 tickets sold out within 40 minutes on April 15, leaving many students without tickets. Barry McCardel, co-chair for promotions and public relations for A&O, said that more tickets will be sold because they received confirmation Thursday that Patten could hold a higher capacity of people.

    “We’ve been working over the past few days with the powers that be, the administration, the fire marshal, to have the approved capacity,” he said. “We would have liked to have sold these much earlier, but it’s taken a lot of work to get this higher capacity approved.”

    McCardel declined to disclose how many tickets would be on sale, but he said the number was “a significant amount.”

    Tickets will cost $15 each and will only be available to Northwestern undergraduates. Students will be able to purchase 2 tickets per WildCARD.

    Chloe Benoist contributed reporting.


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