America’s Next Top Model: “Big Hair Day”

    In one of the grossest ANTM episodes to date, the girls posed in outfits made entirely out of human hair. Strangely enough, the hair clothes turned out looking like high fashion — though overall, it was still pretty nasty.

    At the weekly challenge, the models integrated their personalities into their runway walks at a drag queen club — although the real drag queens pretty much stole the show at the beginning. (Tyra’s drag queen impersonator was particularly fabulous in his imitation of the famous ANTM elimination speech.) However, Anslee failed to excite the audience with her uninspiring walk, and came out “flat” in her photos. She was eliminated just after the judges revealed the vacation destination of the next few episodes — New Zealand. Tough luck for Anslee, who mentioned she’s never left the country. Now six girls remain: Angelea, Alasia, Jessica, Raina, Krista and Alexandra.

    As far as the models’ performance goes, I’m worried. One of my favorites, Alexandra, ended up this week in the bottom two with Anslee, and appears to have lost most of her confidence. On the other hand, I still don’t understand why Alasia has lasted this long. Her tardiness — which almost made the entire group late to the photo shoot — is infuriating, and it seems like she’s just getting lucky with every good photo she turns out at judging.

    The bitchiness factor wasn’t nearly as awful as last week, though Jessica, who seemed like a sweet girl before, is getting to me. She has a subtle superiority complex. Angelea and Krista have major attitudes for sure, but at least they aren’t two-faced about it.

    A bonus point of the episode was guest judge Whitney Port’s appearance. Later on, some craziness ensued when Tyra picked the weirdest way to reveal New Zealand as the vacation destination: feigning napping, counting sheep and finally pulling down giant cut-out letter Z’s from the ceiling. Because naturally, according to Tyra syllogism, sleepiness leads to counting sheep, which leads to a random shepherd walking into the room, which leads to Tyra yanking down a “Z” attached to a poster of New Zealand from the ceiling. So according to Tyra, sheep are synonymous with New “Z”-land. It’s ridiculous, but I have to admit, while Tyra’s antics perplex and occasionally frustrate me, they always amuse me.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the models abroad, and to seeing what kind of shoots New Zealand will inspire. It’s probably too much to ask for a Lord of the Rings-themed shoot.

    It’s getting to the big leagues now. I predict that either Alexandra or Alasia will be eliminated next. Angelea and Krista seem to be the fiercest contenders, with Raina coming in at a close third. Let the games begin.


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