America’s Next Top Model: “Hobbits vs. Models”

    There’s a new queen bee in the top model house — Krista. Despite the fact that she looks eerily unreal and a lot like Tilda Swinton, she knows how to work angles and understands, as Tyra put it, “the geometry” of modeling.

    This week’s episode began with five girls — Krista, Raina, Alexandra, Jessica and Angelea — and in the intense, competitive environment, new cliques formed. One-time BFFs Krista and Angelea are no longer so fixed at the hip. Instead, Krista and Alexandra have joined forces to become the new bitchy duo, and for the first time, Angelea, threatened by Krista, is possibly losing her edge.

    I never thought they’d do it, but the weekly challenge took place at Hobbiton, where the Shire scenes in the Lord of the Rings movies were shot. The towering models had to impress actress Sarah McLeod, who played Sam’s wife Rosie in LOTR, by squeezing themselves into the doorways of the hobbit holes with as much fierceness and poise as possible. Krista won the challenge, snagged several thousand dollars’ worth of clothes and wounded Angelea’s ego in the process.

    Tyra made an appearance at the weekly photo shoot and was the guest photographer. The challenge for the models was to “find the light” when tablecloths and doilies were draped over them, creating patterns of light and shadow that they had to work around to their advantage. Alexandra and Krista had strong performances and impressed Tyra, but Raina, Jessica and Angelea fell flat.

    At panel, Raina landed in the bottom two because of her inability to invoke the fierce, and Jessica was eliminated because of her commercial look and lifeless facial expressions. Krista kicked ass with another winning photo of the week. So it’s down to Krista, Alexandra, Raina and Angelea. Not one but three girls will be eliminated in next week’s two-hour finale. Although Krista and Alexandra have excelled recently, I can’t stand their attitudes. Raina’s pretty much the only one who hasn’t pissed me off because she maintains her positivism and counteracts some of the overwhelming bitchiness in the house. I do love Angelea’s film, so I hope she can pull through the finale and snag this one.


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