American Idle: Love in disguise

    This week marks an important day in Hallmark history: Valentine’s Day. Depending on your present standing on all things relationships, this is either time to snuggle and share chocolates with a loved one, or instead stuff your face with heart-shaped truffles alone in your room to observe Singles Awareness Day.

    Northwestern is not exactly known to exemplify the old-fashioned college romance. The phrases “hook-up culture” and “nonexistent dating scene” are generally used to describe the love scene. That may sound depressing to some, but while the campus might not be coupled off at candlelit picnics at the lakefill Monday night, this past week has shown me that Northwestern has it’s own unique and wonderful way of making love. Singles: put down the Chinese take-out. Love birds: I just need you to stop cooing at each other for five minutes. Let’s all acknowledge how we all at this University fall into love together.

    Love Sucks

    THUNK’s winter show “Love Sucks” was based around all the ways your romance could go terribly wrong this V-day. While Cupid appeared in each skit to signify a fairy-tale ending gone wrong, there was something in the room perpetuating an atmosphere of love that even the love-hatin’ sayings posted in hearts around the room could not take away. As friends snuggled on the couches of the Great Room, they cheered and screamed in proclamation of their love for members of the group. It was one big love fest.

    But the love bubble burst during their rendition of Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up.” Every other year, THUNK travels to South Africa and as soloist Jimmy Wilcox explained, they wanted to perform that particular piece because it is an integral part of their trip to Cape Town. They combine music with service, and while we all did not get to sing under the warm African sun, THUNK wanted the audience — their friends — to feel the warm love and emotion behind the words.

    Love may suck. But that is a relative thing, especially when you are stuck in the mindset of love only pertaining to relationships. Not everyone of us will receive flowers from a secret admirer or find that “Every Kiss Begins with Kay.” We will all find that we do know how to show others we love them.

    Philanthropy loves

    Sometimes we complain about paying $10 to see a speaker, but rarely do you come across someone unwilling to give an extra five dollars to support Make A Wish Foundation through Chi Omega’s external philanthropy, only to be followed by a three dollar donation to send a friend a hug, slap, and a kiss from Gamma Phi. Maybe you will even bid on your favorite Sigma Chi boy in honor of Greek Build.

    It’s loving on two levels: we love our friends — the ones who we see day in and day out or those that seem to slip through the cracks of the quarter system. Northwestern students sent both types of chocolate covered strawberries through Unity Fashion show this week. We also love to do what we can for the community beyond our Evanston bubble. Lending a helping hand is any way possible, even if that just means attending RAP for Darfur (next week: You all should go!). Philanthropy is loving in the purest form — showing you care without ever really thinking about it.

    So, all you single studs and love doves, no matter what you planned for Monday, I hope you feel the love tonight. Hallmark may define love as attraction between two persons, but here at  Northwestern our love scene sucks. All we can do is realize that in each of us there is some degree of passion in our actions that ties us all together. Break out that bar of the World’s Finest Chocolate you bought from a member of FMO this week. It’s time to celebrate NU love, a new love holiday defined as feeling the love from all those you choose to love daily. Even if you are unintentionally doing so, someone out there feels the love. That’s not sucky at all.


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