American Idol: "Week 6"

    Syesha Mercado shined the brightest of the night. Photo courtesy of

    This week Mariah Carey is the mentor and she’s looking a little old and a little oompa. It’s going to be a tough week for the girls, as viewers will undoubtedly compare their performances to the iconic Mariah performances while the guys will be able to start from a fresher perspective. But that’s what’s expected of the final seven.

    On a sadder note, this week is the first week without the amazing butt of Michael Johns. Oh, and fantastic voice.

    Let’s start with a recap of all of the performances. So, obviously, SPOILER ALERT:

    David Archuleta- David did a pretty excellent rendition of “When You Believe.” Some of the last couple of notes were a little sour, but it was still great. The judges gave rave reviews, with Randy proclaiming that it was “the bomb”.

    Carly- Carly gave a weird interview with Ryan Seacrest before she sang. She looked beautiful, but the song, “Without You”, seemed really boring. I don’t think this was the right song for her. She lost me before she got to the power portion of the song. Simon says she didn’t pull it off tonight on the Mariah Carey song. The people in Montana who just listen to the judges comments religiously will not for her. I’m totally kidding. I don’t even know anyone in Montana.

    Syesha- She sang “Vanishing”. “Why is she so gold?” I kept asking myself. Her transitions into the power portions are a little rough and need to be smoother. Other than that, the performance was impressive. She was nearly pitch perfect and it was probably her best performance ever. As usual, she picked a really difficult song, but she did a great job and she looks beautiful. If only Paula would refuse to comment. She said some truthful things and gave elaborative compliments, but as usual she was too choppy to comprehend. Simon said it was good, but he was concerned that she picked a song people don’t know.

    Brooke- She picked “Hero”. Everyone knows this song and she sounds like utter crap compared to it. Her voice sounded croaky and whiny and her pitch was through half of the song. The piano was the only redeeming factor. Randy actually liked it because of her unique approach. I’ve decided to skip Paula’s commentary totally because it is useless and without purpose.

    Kristy- She sang “Forever”. I hate this ugly dress she’s wearing, but her face looks gorgeous and I love her shoes. Randy said she was pitchy, but the end was really good. I thought the pitch was really good all the way through. Paula was incredibly impressed, but I could not figure out what she was talking about. Simon, as expected, ripped her performance apart. He didn’t think she was bad exactly, but just not great or maybe not even good. Only Paula contends that the performance was great. I’m almost with you, Paula, except that I really dislike Kristy and wishes it had been her instead of the beautiful Michael Johns.

    David Cook- David chose “Always Be My Baby”. I’m really afraid. Mariah made a Paula-ism when she talked about this being a hit record for David (see favorite quotes for more detail). I had a reason to be afraid. This is pretty much his worst performance ever. He took it somewhere the song should never go. However, the rock ending was much superior to the rest of the performance and actually pretty fantastic. If only he had made all of it so strong and inspiring. But the judges must have heard something I didn’t. Randy stood up and gave a standing ovation. He said it was brilliant. Paula said that it might appear on a movie soundtrack. Simon called it a breathe of fresh air and he appreciated that he took a risk. Cook cried at the end slightly, which was endearing and appropriate for the praise that he got.

    Ryan committed another act of jerkiness when he ripped down someone’s “Simon for President” sign. For those who don’t remember the debacle of last week, here’s a refresher. He announced Michael John’s elimination and then said that last year they didn’t eliminate anyone because of Idol Gives Back. Then he told America that we say goodbye to Michael tonight. Was that really necessary? Kick a man and his devoted fans/wannabe wives when their down? Not OK.

    Jason- He sang “I Don’t Wanna Cry”. The opening note was so off, it was ridiculous. And I didn’t get it. I can’t say that it was bad, but I just didn’t get it. I want to like it, but I don’t understand it. It was taken to a new and interesting place and it was kind of weird. Randy felt just as confused as I did, but Paula and Simon wanted to be on some weird luau with Jason. Simon decided after Jason’s performance that the guys won the night. Surprise Surprise. Mariah just happens to be one of the greatest female singers of all time.

    Best of the night: Syesha

    Favorite Quotes of the Night: “Not quite loosey goosy to me.”- Randy on Carly’s performance

    “It was a bit like ordering a hamburger and only getting the bun.”- Simon on Brooke

    “You didn’t give me chills. I think you managed with what you could.”-Simon, responding to Kristy telling the judges she gave Mariah chills

    “I think it could be a hit from him. Not from a selfish point of view, but the selfish point of view of wanting to hear it…as a listener.”- Mariah on David Cook’s rendition of “Always Be My Baby”

    “I felt like I was a weird beach luau and someone was playing some music.”-Randy on Jason’s performance

    Well, that’s week 6 for you. Seacrest out.


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