America's Next Top Model Cycle 11: "Natural Beauty"

    Clark blacks out Los Angeles in this week’s photo shoot. Photo courtesy of The CW.


    There’s a fine line between natural disasters and natural beauty, but Tyra blurred the two and made for a naturally fantastic photo shoot this week, where it was all about “ugly-pretty” and the girls tidal-waved, sand-stormed and earthquaked with a fierce attitude.

    This week in the house, Marjorie’s negative attitude is starting to make the girls wonder why she’s so pessimistic. Marjorie has said that in France, she was brought up with an emphasis on the negative, so it’s a cultural thing. The girls can’t really sympathize and it’s hard to find a good answer to the question of why we Americans are so darn happy.


    The girls arrive at a dirty, empty warehouse in L.A. to be greeted by judge Paulina Porizkova donning a rather unflattering business suit. But behold, that’s the point of this week’s challenge — take ugly and make it fierce! Because a majority of the work models get is for catalog, this week’s challenge was to find items in the warehouse to enhance the fit and overall look of everyday outfits. But there wasn’t much to choose from. Water bottles? Tape? Shoulder pads? Now these are the real weapons of mass fashion destruction.

    In their hot pink construction hats, armed with lady garments a 95 year-old grandmother would cringe at, the girls were given creative license to find anything from paper clamps, clothespins and rubber bands to make their outfit look hip in this self-styling challenge.

    Overall, everyone had fun and performed well but Mckey stole the show with her excellent use of paper clamps to hide the baggy, saggy back pockets of her pants. The worst however, was Samantha, who altered the garments she was wearing in an unrecognizable way.

    Before the challenge ended, Marjorie broke down. Paulina’s criticism got the best of Madame Marjorie’s nerves and she was on the verge of tears — but it turns out, Paulina was fine with Marjorie’s lack of confidence and weakness because, she claims, negativity is a normal European attitude. I smell favoritism… and it stinks. Congrats to Mckey though, she got 50 extra frames this week as the challenge winner.

    Back at the house, Samantha gave Miss Negative Nancy, Marjorie, a hard time. Most of the girls agreed that she needs to learn how to assimilate to her new surroundings and stop with the self-deprecation.

    Photo Shoot

    In this photo shoot, the girls were portraying destructive natural disasters in L.A. with a 60s Mod theme. The point: to make an impact in a photo, no matter the circumstances.

    Let’s take a look at how the girls did:

    Elina was an earthquake and she spewed shivering seismic waves of ferocity across the set.
    Mr. Jay was pleased with Sheena’s sandstorm; she was a whirlwind of sexy.
    Clark took on a blackout, but failed to shine on set.
    Lauren Brie executed the shoot well, portraying a snowstorm.
    Joslyn played the part of a rock-slide and sadly, her performance went downhill as well.
    Analeigh caught the wind in her hair and portrayed the Santa Ana winds of L.A.
    Mckey melted away on set as a heat wave and managed to leave a sizzling impression.
    Samantha made a splash in her photo shoot as a tidal wave.
    Lastly, Marjorie took on the most destructive and catastrophic of them all — an L.A. traffic jam — which just about describes what her photo shoot was like.


    Samantha was called first and Analeigh was runner-up. In the end it came down to Joslyn and Clark. Joslyn started off great with variety and creativity, but her last two photo shoots had failed to show any improvement. Clark’s photos have been mediocre but not fantastic, yet she had the best photo shoot last week — or was it just a pretty fluke?

    So, which one of the girls was a true disaster?

    Fortunately Joslyn’s personality let her escape week. Too bad for Clark — her last photo shoot as a blackout is certainly sending her back into the shadows of the modeling world.


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