America's Next Top Model Cycle 11: "The Ladder of Model Success"

    Nikeysha clings to a suspended ladder for a hot-air balloon photo shoot. Photo courtesy of The CW.

    In order to be America’s Next Top Model you need to have what it takes to “be on top”. This week Tyra took the girls soaring to new heights proving that the ladder of success doesn’t always start from the ground up.


    Modeling involves more than just a pretty face. Sometimes the un-obvious pose can also catch one’s eye. That’s where posing instructor extraordinaire, Benny Ninja, lends a hand. The girls need to learn how to use their bodies to strike effortless, stellar poses while still working the face. Here to help coach the girls was Bree Robertson, a model/contortionist from Australia. Benny had the girls strike poses in shear red fabric tubes hanging from the ceiling to help give their poses that extreme edge.

    Surprisingly, Sheena had some natural flexibility and she impressed Benny with her “abilities”. I wonder where someone learns moves like that in a place like Harlem? I’ll get back to you when The Archbishop Don Magic Juan calls me back.

    After a long day of stretching and flexing, the girls relaxed by the pool and had a little fun. Uh-oh, wait, maybe I should adjust my TV because I think I just accidentally switched to The L Word. Oh okay, never mind, it was just Clark and Elina making out in the pool!? According to Elina, the other girls “dared” her to kiss Clark. Well now I get it, just like Ellen DeGeneres “dared” Portia de Rossi to marry her…

    Unfortunately, things like this make it hard for Hannah to understand the other girls, being that she’s from a small town and all (we don’t care…). However, when she feels Isis had invaded her personal space by dancing up on her a little, she gives her quite the aggressive push. Hmm, did we learn how to be violent in our little small town too?

    Afterward, Isis confides in Analeigh to help distract her while she injects her hormones to keep up with the male-to-female transition. They go into the bathroom while Analeigh makes funny faces to try and distract Isis from the sex-altering hormones she’s injecting into her body — easy, right? Kudos to Analeigh for being super understanding and helpful. Take it from Mary Poppins — “Just a teaspoon of estrogen helps the jaw line smooth out…”

    That morning the girls met up with Benny again and learned that they would be auditioning for jewelry and handbag designer, Tarina Tarantino.

    Task: Test the skills they’ve learned from posing, help inspire Tarina and make the jewelry pop!
    Prize: Handbag full of accessories!

    Most of the girls pulled off some good poses, but Benny and Tarina thought there was too much posing with the feet.

    Not surprisingly, Nikeysha gets herself some unwarranted attention by announcing that she has to pee right before she goes on set. This girl needs to learn how to stop talking altogether!

    Sheena exhibited some divine flexibility, but posing with handbags and accessories between her legs made Tarina worry that designers would take offense. Think Gucci, Sheena, not Coochie…

    In the end, Elina was the winner. Tarina said that some of the poses she did with the handbags were definitely along the lines of what she was looking for.

    Back at the house, some of the black models felt discriminated against. They thought that Hannah may be prejudiced since they’ve heard her say things like, “I’m the stereotypical white girl…” or “I’m the whitest you can get!” So, Brittney R. called Hannah out in front of all the other girls and asked her if she’s racist… but she denied it.

    Photo Shoot

    Up, up and… away! This week’s photo shoot takes place on a suspended ladder where a hot-air balloon will be digitally placed into the background to make it look as though the models are hanging on the outside of it.

    Lauren Brie sets the bar high and pulls through with a strong set of photos.

    Analeigh struggled a bit and McKey had a hard time holding some of her poses, while Isis managed to pose well but forgot about her face.


    We’re down to 13 girls and the competition is only getting stiffer. As a reminder, Miss Jay has adopted a new accessory of his own — a sparkling necklace with the number of the remaining girls.

    Upon facing panel, I’m sure that Lauren Brie had not anticipated that her photo was considered one of the top five in Top Model history. She did a stellar job! Elina and Joslyn also pulled off some stunning photos.

    Hannah didn’t really turn heads with her photo but the judges liked her angles, and Sheena didn’t come off as too “hooch” in her photo but Paulina did pick up on one thing. Her breasts. She asked if they were fake and Sheena said no, but right before elimination began, Sheena stepped forward and admitted that they actually were fake. It was a good call on her part because the judges appreciated her honesty and she redeemed herself.

    Lauren Brie was called first and Elina second. They definitely kicked ass on the photo shoot this week. Great work girls!

    Bottom Two: Nikeysha and Isis. The judges thought that Nikeysha had a mediocre film and they made it clear that it was unacceptable to talk about having to pee before going on set — very unprofessional. Paulina and the judges were torn on Isis’ photo, but they all agreed that she didn’t have the presence of a model in person.

    So who goes home? Well, we will have to see how quiet things are around the house next week since Nikeysha won’t be around to talk about her bladder.

    Stay tuned for makeovers next week on America’s Next Top Model. The girls are getting fried, dyed and blowdried!


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