America's Next Top Model Cycle 11: "You're Beautiful, Now Change"

    Brittany poses for the bikini photo shoot. Photo courtesy of The CW.

    This week Tyra shakes things up by giving the girls makeovers! From frizzy to fierce and busted to bodacious, each model undergoes some sort of makeover to give them the edge they need to be on top.

    Spolier Alert!

    Scene 1, take 1 – And we cut to Tyra (as princess Snow White), Ms. J (as evil witch) and Mr. Jay (as Prince Couture). Need I really say more? In a wonderfully over-dramatic reenactment of Snow White, Tyra essentially informs the girls that they will be getting their makeovers.

    But the Snow White theme doesn’t end here. Before the girls undergo their fashion fix-up, a little Tyra fairy bubble pops up to proudly announce what she’s decided to change.


    Marjorie – From bleachy blonde to bold and brown.
    Joslyn – From sassy short to long and lusty.
    Samantha – From short to shorter… like a boy.
    Hannah – From moosey-mouse hair to bangin’ bangs… more like elk antlers.
    Clark – From SoCal blonde to bootylicious black.
    Lauren Brie – From blonde to blonder.
    Sheena – From long, black and wavy to long, highlighted and wavy – go cheetah, go!
    Analeigh – From lackuster layers to sexy blonde!
    Elina (first in top model history!) – From black and short to red, wavy, thick and luscious. Imagine a Raggedy Ann doll or Pepper Ann.
    Mckey – Three words: black, short, hair.
    Isis – From pre-op tranny (sorry Sassafras) to long and luscious.
    Brittany – From pretty to… still, just pretty.

    After their makeovers, the girls are swept off to Wal-Mart in the middle of the night for a special surprise.


    Task: Putting on Covergirl TruBlend makeup and recording a 30-second commercial.
    Prize: The winner will have their video featured on the ANTM web site, receive a Wal-Mart gift card for $1000 and have their image on the Covergirl page of The only catch: There’s no script.

    Most of the girls stumbled and stammered their way through the commercial, but Hannah came out on top.

    Photo shoot

    It was then time to strip down and splash around because this week’s photo-shoot was on the beach. But in this shoot, Jay wasn’t around to guide the models. He let them take direction from the photographer to see how they do on their own.

    Analeigh poses in the ocean with a picturesque rock. The rock wins, that’s all I have to say. McKey comes through with a strong performance, Hannah came across as “Schizy,” but Elina really worked her new red hair and the photographer loved it.


    It came down to Analeigh and Brittany: The judges thought that because of Analeigh’s background in figure-skating, she has an edge over the other girls, while Brittany has yet to convince the judges that she can be high-fashion.

    So who goes home? So long and farewell to Brittany. I guess it goes to show that there’s more to modeling than just being pretty.


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