America's Next Top Model: "Ready for My Close Up"
    Dominique in all her manly glory. Photo courtesy of The CW.


    The final four fierce foxes learned some Italian barbaric slaying for their photo shoot challenge. Well that’s something I don’t understand – who would actually teach models who have lived together and tolerated each other for several weeks and are competing in a high-stakes competition how to kill.
    Maybe The CW was hoping for some interesting distractions to bring up ratings?

    For the actual photo shoot though the girls put the “sass” back in renaissance, but Katarzyna failed to convince the judges and she was sent packing.

    Spoiler Alert:

    So, as the girls recap from last week Whitney knows she has a lot riding on this week’s photo shoot after having made it out of the bottom two twice in a row. I don’t think Whitney has anything to worry about though. America is ready for a plus-sized model.

    The girls get back to the house and see that it’s been decorated in some fabulous photos of Saleisha, last season’s winner. Dominique thinks that somehow she resembles Saleisha therefore she’s surely on her way to winning.

    Let’s Compare:

    1.) Saleisha – Female
    Dominique – Hot mess
    2.) Saleisha – Ovaries
    Dominique – Nuggets
    3.) Saleisha – Graceful neckline
    Dominique – Adam’s apple

    I think this is all I need to say.

    The girls arrive at the park to meet Paulina where the talented Franceso Licata teaches the girls the elements of effective photograpy.

    I think Whitney summed things up well here: It’s good to know that it’s hard to find a good photo


    The girls get five minutes to make Paulina look beautiful..Personally, I think they need some more time. Let’s see who rocks it:

    Whitney did awesome – she was in control here and gave some good direction. Actually though, I think Paulina just followed along because plus size models scare her.

    Dommy was not in control though. What was her artistic vision? A cactus. C’mon man.

    Anya had her moments but she was too unfocused. She kind of reminds me of a Furby sometimes with her big eyes. But she’s still fierce.

    However, Fatima rocked it and won!

    Back at home, Fatima was feeling confident about her win and decided to practice walking the runway. She was working that boo-tay. Miss J would have been proud.

    Than Donald, I mean Dommy, just had to add her two cents. She kept talking about how the other girls have nothing on her, blah blah blah, and how she believes in herself. OK sure. But, no matter how much you believe in yourself there’s not enough wax to get the man hairs off your chest dolly.

    Moving on


    Nigel Barker is shooting the girls. Good grief. He’s a sexy man.

    This week’s theme? Glamour. Movies. And the paparazzi. The girls also got to pose with male models. But Fatima said she had never had a boyfriend before so feels likes she can’t be sexy around guys. In my opinion, that’s the least of her worries. But those lips are sealed, if you know what I mean.

    Unfortunately, none of the girls did a good job this week. I’m not really sure what Jay M. and Nigel want from the girls.

    In order to get one good shot Jay made Fatima fight her male model and had to distract Anya and make her trip.

    At the end Jay recommended a séance for the girls. What the hell does he want from the models?


    Anya gets called first for being good by accident and Whitney avoids the bottom this week.

    In the end the judges finally realized it’s against the rules to have a man in the show. Sorry Dominique. She’s sent back to Transylvania.

    Your Top Three:
    Anya. Fatima. Whitney.

    Who will be America’s Next Top Model?


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