An anti-Valentine's Day playlist for the ladies

    This one’s for the ladies. So maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t quite working out as planned. But before you bust the windows of his car (’sup, Jazmine Sullivan), try our playlist of musical therapy.

    P!nk – “So What”
    For most people, the stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. For P!nk, they’re just drinking and fighting. It’s okay, though. NBN still thinks you’re a rock star.

    Kelis – “Caught Out There”
    Years before her milkshake brought all the boys to the yard, Kelis had a hit list. The chorus of this song goes “I hate you so much right now / Aaaaaah!” Is there a song that could better capture your feelings?

    Destiny’s Child – “Say My Name”
    Don’t think you could forget about this late ’90s gem. Beyoncé and the others girls whose names we can’t remember lay the smack down on a man who be actin’ kinda shady.

    JoJo – “Leave (Get Out)”
    In between the commercials of Degrassi in middle school, it was impossible to escape the juvenile drama of then-13-year-old JoJo. It’s cringe-worthy, but somebody had to put the Justin Biebers of the world in their place.

    Ke$ha – “Kiss ‘n’ Tell”
    When she wasn’t feeling like P. Diddy, Ke$ha had time to feel something else — rage. It’s not a single yet, but if her record label wises up, this is the “Hot ‘n’ Cold” of 2010.

    Lily Allen – “Smile”
    We’re not advocating hiring gangsters to mug your ex and put laxatives in your drink. Just watch this music video and pretend.

    So if your Valentine’s Day isn’t what you hoped it would be, put these songs on and feel some serious empowerment.


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