An assortment of annoying animals

    Boy I’ve had an annoying day! I had to wake up extra early, traffic was terrible so I was late to my internship, I got a parking ticket because I had to finish up some important business for said internship and I discovered the existence of these t-shirts that make me want to disown journalism even further. Since I’m not willing to let go of this frustrated feeling, let’s take a look at some annoying (but still cute!) animals. First up, this dog, who most people who heard thought was a crying baby.

    This goat “talks,” though it just sounds like it’s possessed by the Devil. Thanks to Dan Camponovo for sending me this creepy clip.

    I bet it would be pretty annoying to be this cat and have all these bunnies crawling over you.

    I’m annoyed I can’t be playing with this bunny right now.

    Here is a piece about why cats make us crazy. So … sort of annoyed, I guess.


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