"Animal Idol" or lots of animals "singing"

    Let’s cut right to the chase — big props to my latest bookmarked Web site Ultra Kawaii (tagline: “so cute it hurts”) for creating this compilation on YouTube called “Animal Idol.” Basically, it’s a collection of cute animals “singing,” with some semi-cute-but-semi-nightmare-inducing Flash characters filling in for the American Idol crew.

    The two finalists are adorable (I vote the dog, btw), but how could that hamster featured pretty early on not be a finalist? Also, Paula Abdul-thing should have been schwasted.

    Ultra Kawaii wants you to vote on who should be “Animal Idol,” so head here and, as hamster Seacrest told you, post a comment with which critter you want to win. Screw the Indiana primary, support Little Golden.


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