Animals teach us how to share

    Know what’s great to do, Northwestern? Share! Sharing is fun, whether it be sharing snacks, hugs, classes you should take next quarter or candy. But sometimes we all get a little selfish and feel like keeping things we can easily share with others to ourselves: We want more and somehow feel entitled to said things or are just generally jerks! It happens, but it’s not a good thing.

    So, in an effort to teach some students about the joys of sharing and to just share (see what I did there?) cute animal videos with the rest, tonight’s theme is animals sharing things. First up, this dog gladly share his back with a baby.

    A rabbit and dog share food. Look how easy it is!

    Even guinea pigs got this down!

    Photo by ryancr on Flickr under Creative Commons

    Sometimes sharing can be disgusting, but still very thoughtful. Check this out.


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