Anything but Politics #1: Food
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    In this new podcast series from NBN Audio, Rahul Parikh and Gabe Schmittlein discuss anything but politics. Think of it as political commentary commenting against political commentary. This week? Food. Transcript below.

    Gabe Schmittlein: Hello, I'm Gabe.

    Rahul Parikh: And this is Rahul.

    Gabe: And this is Anything but Politics.

    Rahul: Where we talk about anything, but politics.

    Gabe and Rahul: Let's get political, political, not.

    Gabe: So ABP is now part of the NBN Audio section, which is awesome, very exciting. This week we'll talk about Cheesie's, the rise of carrots, hot take food combos and what we'd like to eat right before we're executed on death row. We have a special guest with us this week too. Grace, would you like to introduce yourself?

    Grace Luxton: Hi, I'm Grace Luxton.

    Rahul: Hi, Grace Luxton.

    Gabe: Grace is the social media and marketing person for Spoon magazine, which is our premier food magazine on Northwestern's campus, so we thought we'd bring her on this week because we're talking about food.

    Rahul: That's right, we've never talked about food before.

    Gabe: And the reason we're talking about food is because it is National Grilled Cheese month. I don't even think I've had grilled cheese yet this month so we're gonna have to fit in some of that.

    Rahul: I have grilled cheese almost every other day.

    Gabe: So I just thought in appreciation of grilled cheese month, we would talk about our favorite sandwich at Cheesie's. And of course Cheesie's is a big local grilled cheese place; so Rahul, do you want to go first?

    Rahul: I'm a big fan of the Mac, but I've also had the Popper I think it's called, but yeah, no, classic is my taste.

    Gabe: Yeah? Grace, what about you?

    Grace: I think the Mac is kind of the only way you can go.

    Gabe: Really? I have a problem with the Mac. I think it's too carby.

    Rahul: Too carby?

    Gabe: Too much starch, there's too much starch in there.

    Rahul: It's Cheesie's.

    Gabe: But the Mac itself doesn't provide anything that the bread doesn't already provide.

    Grace: The texture.

    Gabe: I don't know, I don't know. So I'm a big fan of the Tenderizer, which of course just has a lot of meat in it. It's also probably not the healthiest of the Cheesie's grilled cheeses.

    Rahul: The reason I don't agree is the more non-cheese items you add to the grilled cheese, the less grilled cheesy it is.

    Gabe: Oh, another big point about this though: with the Mac, you get as your dipping sauce tomato soup, and with the Tenderizer, you actually get ranch dressing, and that's a big step up.

    Rahul: Yeah, I'm not a fan of the tomato sauce.

    Grace: Have you guys seen the National Grilled Cheese Day on April 12? And Cheesie's is doing a grilled cheese challenge.

    Gabe: OHHHH!!!

    Grace: It has three pieces of bread, it has Tenderizer on the top, and then I think just like regular grilled cheese, so it has five different cheeses on it, cheese curds.

    Gabe: I think we might have to do it!

    Rahul: Oh, I love cheese curds.

    Gabe: Love cheese curds.

    Rahul: Happy National Grilled Cheese Day to everyone listening.

    Grace: But side of tomato soup, so you'll have to bring your own ranch.

    Rahul: We talked about our favorite sandwich at Cheesie’s, what's our favorite time to go to Cheesie's?

    Gabe: There's only one time to go to Cheesie's, right?

    Grace: Yeah, during Parents’ Weekend at 9 p.m.

    Rahul: 9 a.m.

    Gabe: I think having Cheesie's at 9 a.m. would be the grossest thing.

    Grace: I did bring my mom to Cheesie's during Parents’ Weekend. She wanted it, she seeked it out.

    Gabe: My mom would hate Cheesie's.

    Rahul: It's an experience that every parent should have.

    Gabe: Our next topic: NYT published an article about –

    Rahul: They do that, they publish articles.

    Gabe: This wasn't just any article, this article made the front page. I mean it was pretty low down front page, but hey. I'm a big J journalist, I like reading the New York Times.

    Rahul: Deep journalism web.

    Gabe: Right, so the article was entitled “Carrots, Striking and Sweet, Have Arrived.”

    Rahul: Wow. Where are they coming from? Where will they go?

    Gabe: Where have carrots been all my life, is my question? In the first sentence, it mentions that a few years ago, carrots were like celery and onions, part of many a dish, but rarely the star.

    Rahul: Celery's been the star of many a dish.

    Gabe: Do you think so?

    Rahul: Yeah, people eat celery by itself with some ranch. I would never eat onions by themselves.

    Grace: Well, okay, bloomin’ onion? Like that's the star.

    Rahul: What's a bloomin’ onion?

    Gabe: Yeah I don't think I know what a bloomin’ onion is.

    Rahul: This is why we have Grace here, because she knows what a bloomin’ onion is.

    Grace: Oh okay, the thing is I've never eaten one, but they serve it at Outback Steakhouse, which is, you know, a real Florida delicacy.



    Grace: And I’m pretty sure it has 10,000 calories in it, and it's just like this huge fried onion that looks like a flower.

    Gabe: That's kinda wild.

    Rahul: Does it taste like onion? Or is it some sort of different taste?

    Grace: I think it's like onion rings.

    Gabe: That feels like it'd be good.

    Rahul: Oh fried onion, I get it.

    Gabe: So yeah, that was more of a public service announcement than anything else. Carrots are back.

    Rahul: There's a lot of combinations that go well with baby carrots, and we'll talk about those in a little bit. In the meantime, Grace is gonna tell us about how food can be romantic.

    Grace: Oh yeah, I took some prom photos at Taco Bell. I don't know, it just really felt right. I don't have any way to explain why.

    Rahul: Did you eat there or was it just a photo op?

    Grace: Yeah, my date and I both had a Quesalupa.

    Rahul: AHHH.

    Gabe: Alright, so I went to Taco Bell for the first time recently.

    Grace: Really?

    Gabe: Let me just say, I don't know how, why, you took your prom photos in Taco Bell because that restaurant was gross.

    Rahul: You went to a bad Taco Bell.

    Grace: I didn't take all my prom photos, it was after prom.

    Gabe: I got a Triple Double Crunch Wrap.

    Grace: Mmmm.

    Gabe: It's a spicy version.

    Rahul: I'm a big Chalupa fan. That's one step below the Quesalupa.

    Gabe: None of these names really explain what anything is to me.

    Rahul: I will say, if I could go back and take my prom photos again, I would go to the McDonald’s playplace.

    Gabe: OHH that would be kind of wild. Next up, Rahul's got a lotta hot take food combos.

    Rahul: And it's usually Gabe that does the hot takes but today I'm taking over.

    Rahul: Hot take food combo number 1, carrots and barbecue sauce what do you guys think?

    Gabe: Well carrots are back is what I think.

    Grace: Carrots are back in any form.

    Rahul: Okay so you're on board.

    Gabe: Carrots are the star, carrots no longer the celery or onion of the dish, carrots are the star now.

    Rahul: Gabe, carrots and carrot cake sauce.

    Gabe: Oooooooh probably not.

    Grace: Like raw carrots?

    Gabe: Yeah.

    Rahul: Oh I love raw carrots, like raw baby carrots.

    Gabe: Little plug for carrot cake here, big carrot cake guy.

    Rahul: Gabe is obsessed with carrot cake.

    Rahul: Second hot take this one's gonna stir some controversy, equal amounts of jelly and peanut butter or more jelly, either way the peanut butter should not dominate.

    Gabe: I agree.

    Grace: Wholeheartedly agree.

    Rahul: Oh really, people get mad at me when I tell them that.

    Gabe: We used to have those little pack things in high school, I guess I would usually go two and two, I'd either go one peanut butter two jelly or two peanut butter two jelly, but there were some people that would go like three and one with three peanut butters and one butter.

    Rahul: Woah and the way it would end up with you, is the peanut butter is always harder to scrape out so you'd end up with more jelly.

    Gabe: And I'm not trying to fuse my mouth shut with all that peanut butter. It's like that Shel Silverstein poem and you guys know the one I'm talking about.

    Rahul: Another hot take food combo prom and Taco Bell.

    Gabe: Prom and Taco Bell yeah.

    Grace: You know i'm in, where'd you think of that?

    Gabe: Hot take food combo, anything and tartar sauce.

    Rahul: Anything but Politics, that was so meta.

    Gabe: Full circle, Rahul.

    Gabe: Grace has an Instagram account, would you like to plug it?

    Grace: I think foodstagrams are the new face of Instagram so I made my own, it's just disgusting food and I try to make it look as appetizing as possible even if it's a piece of gum stuck to a banana.

    Rahul: And I would say the caption is a big part of the appetizing factor.

    Gabe: Bone apple teeth right?

    Rahul: It's called @noops I believe.

    Gabe: Noops University.

    Rahul: Fun fact, I submitted a picture to @noops and both times it did not make it onto the page.

    Grace: You know it's tough competition out there.

    Gabe: So now we're going to do a segment that I like to call last meal, Laaaaaast Meal.

    Rahul: You're entering the last meal zone.

    Gabe: So it's what you'd like to have for your last meal.

    Rahul: If you were on death row, let's just put it out there.

    Gabe: So I'll start off with a little fish and chips, with unlimited tartar sauce, so these prison guards would need to load on the tartar sauce, and then I'll have a little carrot cake for dessert. Grace, what about you?

    Grace: Alright, I'm gonna go really hardcore Florida, because there's this one place in Orlando called Pom Pom's Teahouse and they make a lot of great teas and sandwiches, so I would have a chai tea and they also make a Thanksgiving sandwich, which just has layers of all the Thanksgiving food, it's the most incredible thing.

    Gabe: That sounds good.

    Rahul: I don't have anything as fancy as that, but I have two options, if I'm trying to eat healthy before I die then I'd probably just have some classic Indian food, but if I'm trying to die before I die I would have a cheese platter and then maybe some bread and I'd make my own grilled cheese, but like I'm just a really big fan of cheese, so a cheese platter on it's own would be enough.

    Gabe: Maybe they could take you to one of those cook at your table place, but with cheese and grilled cheese.

    Grace: You know, I might just have a bowl of raw carrots.

    Rahul: With some barbecue sauce, no trust me it's good.

    Grace: Let them shine for themselves.

    Gabe: Hey they're the main thing.

    Gabe: And for one final segment, we're going to talk best restaurants in town because Grace is a big food person, so best restaurants in town – Grace what do you have?

    Grace: Okay, the other day I had Hoosier Mama Pie Company for the first time, oh my god it was the most delicious thing I've ever had, I had quiche and then banana cream pie, and I was gonna take the banana cream pie to go and I had the to go box sitting there and then I just at the banana cream pie, it was incredible.

    Rahul: Grace, do they have carrot cake?

    Grace: Probably.

    Rahul: I'm guessing they have cheesecake.

    Gabe: I like cheesecake also – Rahul we'll have to go on a scouting mission.

    Rahul: Right before we die.

    Gabe: Alright so that's it for this week. We're gonna do some shoutouts now, so we've got a few of them, first off shoutout to North By Northwestern for taking on our podcast! Second of, shoutout to whoever scheduled Wildcat Days and Sex Week at the same time, because we have a bunch of prospective students on campus and at the same time we have people handing out dildos at the rock.

    Rahul: Well, didn't you hear they're having prospies go to the Burlesque Show.

    Grace: Really?

    Rahul: No, I'm kidding.

    Grace: That'd be incredible. I'd be like, “I want to go to Northwestern.”

    Rahul: I want to give a shoutout to Wednesdays because Wednesday is the new Friday for Anything but Politics, all the episodes will start coming out on Wednesday so stay tuned for next Wednesday

    Grace: Wednesday Addams.

    Gabe: Hump Day, Hump Dayyyyyyyy.

    Gabe: Let me just pause and say huge episode for carrots. Is Anything but Politics the official podcast of carrots?

    Rahul: I think the carrots should start sponsoring us.

    Gabe: Hey, eat some carrots. It'll help you with your eyesight.

    Rahul: Carrots will save world hunger.

    Gabe: Don't go blind and save world hunger at the same time, carrots.

    Rahul: You know who eats a lot of carrots? Our preside- too political.

    Gabe: That was way too political.

    Gabe: Finally, Grace, you can give a shoutout.

    Grace: Shoutout to Spoonfest! It's happening May 19, the day before Dillo Day, and we're gonna have a lot of food trucks taking over the field outside the library.

    Gabe: That's all we've got for this episode. For NBN Audio, I'm Gabe.

    Rahul: I'm Rahul.

    Gabe: This episode featured special guest Grace Luxton.

    Rahul: And this has been Anything but Politics.


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