Anything but Politics #6: Dillo Day
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    Dillo Day, Northwestern’s big music festival, is almost here! Gabe Schmittlein and Rahul Parikh present their “guide to Dillo from two people who’ve never been to Dillo” in this week’s Anything but Politics. Transcript below.

    Gabe Schmittlein: Hi, I'm Gabe Schmittlein.

    Rahul Parikh: And I'm Rahul Parikh.

    Gabe: And for NBN Audio, this is Anything but Politics.

    Rahul: Where we talk about anything, but politics.

    Gabe and Rahul: Let's get political, political, not.

    Gabe: Alright, so the big topic on the docket for this week, yeah, is Dillo Day. Dillo Day is coming up this Saturday, for those of you who don't go to Northwestern, Dillo Day is our big music fest, so we’re gonna kind of give – this is your little informal guide to Dillo from two people who've never been to Dillo.

    Rahul: I mean, it's gonna be very informal, but we should probably jump right in, so first things right off the bat, when you see somebody on Dillo Day, do you go for the handshake or the hug?

    Gabe: Right, this is the eternal question.

    Rahul: This is the most important thing.

    Gabe: We should have a segment called The Eternal Question (sings) The Eternal Question! So handshake or hug when you first meet somebody? My two cents is that Dillo Day, I'm going, there's gonna be so many new people at Dillo Day, so this is gonna happen over and over again, which is why we're bringing it up, this is just your little guide. I go for the hug, I'm gonna go for the hug on Dillo, that's what I'm saying, I think people are gonna be happy on Dillo, I think they might be a little bit intoxicated.

    Rahul: Not us!

    Gabe: No, not us, we're proper journalists, big J journalists.

    Rahul: We don't drink on the job. Or ever, mom and dad.

    Gabe: But I think people are gonna be in a hug mood and not a handshake mood, I feel like.

    Rahul: I agree.

    Gabe: We're not entering a business meeting.

    Rahul: Well Gabe, I feel like you're just always in a hug mood, let me pick your brain for a second.

    Gabe: Pick it, pick it, pick it.

    Rahul: Will you hug people that you know and then handshake new people that you meet, or will you be doing full hugs for everyone?

    Gabe: I plan on going full hugs because a lot of my friends are bringing their friends and so it's gonna be like an introduction sort of thing, I'm thinking full hug.

    Rahul: So like an introductory hug.

    Gabe: Yeah, what would you choose?

    Rahul: I think I probably will also, just because it's awkward when they're going for the hug and you go for the handshake, I've done that many a time, so I'm gonna try not to make it awkward.

    Gabe: That's super embarrassing for you Rahul.

    Rahul: Yeah, I have a lot of embarrassing hug moments, we'll talk about that another time.

    Gabe: It happens.

    Rahul: It does.

    Gabe: Also, in our guide we're gonna tell you what to wear.

    Rahul: We are.

    Gabe: What do you think people should be wearing?

    Rahul: So I think the tradition is everyone wears a tank on Dillo day, it's the Dillo tank tradition, I'm not gonna lie, I've never worn a bro tank.

    Gabe: You gonna show off these bi's? These big ol’ bi's?

    Rahul: Yup.

    Gabe: Welcome to the gun show, population Rahul, right?

    Rahul: Wow, all the analogies today! But yeah, the closest I've ever gotten to it is like a basketball jersey, and I don't know, I think I'm gonna do it, so, that's what I'm gonna wear.

    Gabe: Yeah, I think I'm gonna go basketball jersey even though it's a little basic, I wish I had something really cool to wear, I wish I had those cool Northwestern overalls, you know those ones?

    Rahul: Yeah, I think you'd look good in those!

    Gabe: Oh my, goodness! Thank you so much Rahul.

    Rahul: You're welcome, but you need jean overalls, not the white ones that everyone wears.

    Gabe: Oh you don't think so?

    Rahul: I think you'd pull off the jean ones, yeah.

    Gabe: That'd be dope. Maybe I'll go to the store and see what I can do there. Also I think this would be fun, is if I carried around one of those water bottle fans.

    Rahul: That would be incredible

    Gabe: Yeah, that squirts water. I don't know if we're allowed to say this on the podcast, but maybe put some.

    Rahul: Juice!

    Gabe: Juice in there, put some juice in there when you get thirsty, go for a little sip.

    Rahul: Well I think the kind of juice you're gonna put in there will make you thirstier.

    Gabe: No, just like apple juice.

    Rahul: Also, it's gonna rain on Dillo Day most likely, keeping our fingers crossed, but I'm also probably gonna wear a lot of waterproof clothing, and you should too.

    Gabe: Ohhh, wear the rain boots.

    Rahul: I don't have rain boots, but I should think about rocking flip flops on Dillo Day, or maybe even going shoeless, depending on what the ground is like.

    Gabe: I don't think people really wanna see my feet.

    Rahul: Well they're not gonna be looking down.

    Gabe: You don't think so? Yeah, my eyes are up here, right?

    Rahul: Exactly, don't look at my toes.

    Gabe: My eyes are up here.

    Rahul: Yeah but also, fanny pack.

    Gabe: Fanny pack, fanny pack swag, love it. Don't have a fanny pack, but I plan on getting one for dillo.

    Rahul: My dad has one, so maybe I'll have him ship it out.

    Gabe: Mm, a little Papa Parikh.

    Rahul: That’s, I like that. Man, Gabe is on point today.

    Gabe: A little alliteration. Continuing with our guide, Dillo's a long day.

    Rahul: It is.

    Gabe: You can't make it through the whole day in one sitting, really, you need a nap. Where's the best place to nap on Dillo?

    Rahul: I've heard people nap under the stage, but they also do other things under the stage, so I don't want to like.

    Gabe: I was gonna say.

    Rahul: They SLEEP under the stage, if you know what I mean. I think if I had to nap, I would probably…

    Gabe: I feel like popping to Tech.

    Rahul: Tech, of all people you pick Tech. I guess it'll be empty. That’s the one day Tech will be empty.

    Gabe: Lot of room, no one's gonna find you in Tech.

    Rahul: No … although if you're a little too gone you don't wanna be in a place where nobody can find you.

    Gabe: Oh that's actually true.

    Rahul: For any of our listens who do plan on consuming juice.

    Gabe: Yeah, just a little pro tip, don't go into Tech and lock yourself in a room.

    Rahul: Don't do that. So, because it's going to rain, we are keeping our fingers crossed but we're also a little bit worried, what happens if it gets canceled? Like what do we do?

    Gabe: What do we do if it gets canceled? Yeah, we don't know. So now we're going to move on to a segment that is called ideal Dillo Day improvisation.

    Rahul: Can you sing it?

    Gabe: (singing) Ideal Dillo Day Improvisation!

    Rahul: It's actually improvisation. You tried. Alright so for this segment it's kind've like last week, where we just made up a story. So, Gabe, tell me what your ideal Dillo Day is like.

    Gabe: My ideal Dillo Day. I know one thing is that it ends with me having gone to Cheesies at least three or four times.

    Rahul: Wow, I like that.

    Gabe: So me having gone to Cheesies at least three or four times, I think multiple naps are like probably going to happen, it's just an inevitability of my life. Multiple naps are going to be happening. I hope, ideal Dillo, I'm not sleeping during "Cash Machine." Ideal Dillo, D.R.A.M. pulls me up on stage during Cash Machine and gives me the mic and pulls off a mask, and it's not actually D.R.A.M. – it's another person. And that other person is wearing a shirt that says Gabe Schmittlein is D.R.A.M., and then that'll be the big reveal.

    Rahul: I'm really lost.

    Gabe: I love D.R.A.M.

    Rahul: Oh okay, so you want to become D.R.A.M.

    Gabe: But it sounds weird when you say it like that.

    Rahul: A little bit. But keep going.

    Gabe: Everybody's going to be like, "Whoah, Gabe, you're D.R.A.M. who knew!" and I'll just be like, "Yeah, I've been putting out bangers for years." And then I'm going to go to Cheesies.

    Rahul: Three times.

    Gabe: Three times. And I'm going to get a different thing every time so we can get closer to our goal of trying everything at Cheesies.

    Rahul: Oh yeah, what are we at right now? Like three?

    Gabe: I don't think either of us are doing super well.

    Rahul: I'm at two actually, I think.

    Gabe: Alright, so what's your ideal Dillo?

    Rahul: Well, I just wanted to jump off what you said. Fun fact: there was Cheesies for a dollar at some Spoon event today and we missed it.

    Gabe: Oh my goodness! Rahul!

    Rahul: I was going to go, but I was too lazy to walk down.

    Gabe: Now I’m down in the dumps.

    Rahul: Hey, we can go to Cheesies after this. We're probably not going to.

    Gabe: Yeah, we're probably not going to.

    Rahul: It'd be pretty late, but that's when you go to Cheesies. Anyways, this past Saturday I had a nightmare, probably one of the worst dreams I've ever had. I woke up, and it was still kind've dark for some reason, I think I woke up a little early. And I thought that I'd slept through Dillo Day and the MGMT performance. I was so so so so so sad, because the three songs that I know, I love them.

    Gabe: That's serious nightmare stuff right there.

    Rahul: So anyways, my ideal Dillo would be that I don't miss MGMT. I'm going to wake up at 8 a.m., do a little homework, go work out, just any normal day. Typical day in the life of me.

    Gabe: Go apply for some internships.

    Rahul: Going to go apply for two internships. I'm a go-getter.

    Gabe: They respond later in the day maybe.

    Rahul: They respond later in the day, maybe I have to take an interview during MGMT. Who knows? Going to take maybe one nap, probably go to Cheesies with you a few times.

    Gabe: Well, I haven't really invited you, so...

    Rahul: Well, you just broke my ideal Dillo Day. I'm going to stay hydrated. They tell us to bring water bottles.

    Gabe: Rahul, that is such a sketch thing to say.

    Rahul: What do you mean? I don't know what you're talking about. But, yeah, I'm going to study for my midterm, write an essay. Going to have a very productive day.

    Gabe: That's really funny. I appreciate your honesty more than anything else.

    Rahul: That was so honest. So Gabe, we're going to wrap up with shoutouts, what do you have for me?

    Gabe: My big shoutout this week is the woman who swipes your card in Sargent. Do you know her name?

    Rahul: Cyrine.

    Gabe: She's super nice, but she always says when I ask her how her day went she says, "Fine," and it's like I just want to know more than that. I want to know more about your life. But a couple days ago we went through our classic conversation, "Hey how you doing," "good," "how are you doing?" She goes fine, then she says – you won't believe this – she says "Your hair looks much better."

    Rahul: I don't believe you.

    Gabe: It was the biggest moment of my life, because I just got a haircut, and the fact that she noticed that my hair went from long to short, just made my week. It was the most beautiful feeling.

    Rahul: That was so heartfelt, and I just can't top that, but.

    Gabe: I should've gone second honestly, that's tough. I kinda made you look stupid.

    Rahul: I kinda don't want to do a shoutout anymore.

    Gabe: No, do your shoutout.

    Rahul: Well, so earlier in the year, Barry Jenkins, director of Moonlight, came to campus. Then next week, the producer of La La Land is coming to campus also, and he's the one that handed Barry Jenkins the Oscar after the 'ol mishap, so there's a little camaraderie going.

    Gabe: Shoutout to that! I have actually got another shoutout. Shoutout to Instagram for coming up with a completely new idea on their stories, on the Instagram stories which were also a new idea, they're now gonna let you put filters on, filters that make your face look funny and stuff like that.

    Rahul: I love that, they're copying Snapchat.

    Gabe: No, I love the innovation coming out of Instagram!

    Rahul: Oh, I ruined your joke Gabe.

    Gabe: Yeah, you ruined my joke.

    Rahul: Fun Instagram fact, I've never made a story on there, also fun fact:

    Gabe: Do you wanna give a shoutout to my finsta?

    Rahul: Oh yeah! Shoutout to Gabe's finsta that he runs.

    Gabe: I don't run it, I don't run it.

    Rahul: It's called Gabeeatsandsleeps, I just wanna say the eating ones make me really uncomfortable and I reported both of the eating photos on there, right before this podcast.

    [Gabe laughs]

    Rahul: Alright, so that's all for this week. This has been Anything but Politics.

    Gabe: For NBN Audio!

    Rahul: For NBN Audio.

    Gabe: I'm Gabe.

    Rahul: And I'm Rahul.


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